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cleaning the nest

Saturday morning I was pretty lazy – I took a nap on the couch in front of the fire, read a lot, and just hung out with Dave and Leo.  But then after lunch I got all inspired to do some work (my actual words to Dave were, “baby girl better come soon because I don’t know what else to clean.”).  So Saturday afternoon I:

  • took everything out of the fridge, washed all the shelves and drawers, and reorganized everything
  • took everything out of the freezer, washed all the baskets, and reorganized
  • reorganized and wiped out several kitchen cupboards
  • packed away some of Leo’s toys for temporary storage (so when we get them back out later they’ll be new and exciting again)
  • moved a chest out of Leo’s room to the mudroom
  • rearranged Leo’s room (temporary – we’ve bought a bookshelf to go in there)
  • helped Dave rake the back yard (I only lasted about an hour before my back got tired from raking/moving leaves)
  • made soup with Leo (threw together potatoes, quinoa, an onion, vegetable broth, leftover sundried tomato pesto, and some corn)
  • gave Dave and Leo haircuts

Saturday night I slept terribly – I was awake from 12am until 3:30am.  This has been happening with more and more frequency (as it did during my pregnancy with Leo) but that was an especially long stretch of wakefulness.  Once I got back to sleep Dave let me sleep in til 7am on Sunday.  Then we hurried and got ready for the early service at church and hit up the grocery store on the way home.

Sunday afternoon I:

  • deep-cleaned the bathrooms, including scrubbing the floors and then steam mopping them, wiping out the medicine cabinets, and wiping down the walls and baseboards.  My mom already offered to scrub out the tub with Bar Keeper’s Friend when she comes after baby girl is born, so I left the tub for her.  (Thanks, mom!)
  • wiped out and reorganized a couple more kitchen cupboards/drawers
  • sweepered and steam mopped the kitchen
  • made funky monkey pie

imageI told Dave I could probably make some more meals for the freezer, but he emphatically told me no, which made me laugh.  He knows that chest is packed but he’ll be hard-pressed to convince me to actually take any meals out of it to eat.

If baby girl holds off too much longer I really might run out of things to do.  Or I’ll just go crazy from impatience!


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  1. Cook for me. Cook for ME. Especially a pie. Hmph. Fingers and toes crossed baby girl comes soon – I’d hate to see you get a job at Aldi just to clean shelves.

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