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40 weeks: due date!


Foods I’ve loved at different times: nachos, yogurt and rice chex (this is making a resurgence this week), honeycrisp apples and cheese… lots of dairy and salt.

Foods I can’t stand: hummus (same as with Leo).  Also if I make a stir fry with a peanut butter sauce I end up being totally grossed out and not being able to eat it.  Which is weird because over the weekend I had pad thai with peanuts and it was awesome, but then I made peanut butter sauce for stir fry this week and was totally grossed out.

Worst symptoms: a couple nights of heartburn, aching hips/pelvis at the end of the night, trouble sleeping… basically nothing that bad compared to what a lot of women go through.

Miles run since we found out I was pregnant in mid-March: 686 miles.  One half marathon and multiple trail 5ks.  Maybe baby girl wants us to hit 700 before she makes her debut?

post 4 mile run, 39w5d, one day more pregnant than I'd ever been with Leo
post 4 mile run, 39w5d, one day more pregnant than I’d ever been with Leo

Piercings: 1.  I got my nose pierced so it would be healed by the time I return to work post-maternity leave.  While you are originally supposed to wait 12 weeks to change the stud, I only waited 4.  I suspected that my skin was reacting to the metal of the nose stud they used to pierce (I’ve noticed I have sensitive ears to this, too), so at 4 weeks I changed it myself to a 14kt white gold stud.  Probably not recommended and there were a few minutes I thought, “this is not going to go in” but then it worked.  I’m really glad I did it because my nose has been healing super-fast since I made the switch.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious for baby girl to get here already.  I am terrible at waiting for surprises and not very patient by nature.  Combine those two things and yeah, I’ve been a little cranky this week waiting for her to come (yes I realize I wasn’t even due yet).  And she’s not really helping much – I’ve had literally zero signs of impending labor.  The midwife said I was about 1cm on Tuesday, which is progress, but also said in other ways my body is showing it’s not time yet.  I’m not pushing hard on my runs, but I’m not holding back anymore either – I’ve been hitting close to 10 minute or sub-10 minute paces this week and finishing most runs with a “sprint.”  (Aunt Penny, I am not pushing it too hard, I promise.  Don’t worry.)  I haven’t felt any contractions, although occasionally I’ve felt my stomach get hard.  A couple times I thought I felt something but, I’ll be honest, it turned out to be gas.  Whomp whomp.

In reality I know that she’ll come when she’s ready and that it’s probably God’s grace that she’s not here yet, with Leo’s recent sickness and sleep issues with the time change…. but I do not care about good logic right now.  I want to meet her!  I want to get to the next phase!  (Feel free to remind me of this when I’m sleep deprived and zombie-ish.)

My mom is hoping I’ll have baby girl on 11-11, mainly because then all 5 grandchildren would be born on either the 19th or the 11th, which is pretty crazy and would be cool.  11-12-13 would also be fun.  Dave said the 16th popped into his head for baby day and yeah, I was not thrilled he chose a date so far away.  Our midwife is fine letting me go as far as 42 weeks as long as everything looks good, which would put me at 11-22, which is crazily close to Thanksgiving.  Little turkey baby.  In any case, she’ll come when she comes, right?  In the meantime, we wait (or rather, we wait but we stay really busy with life and Leo!).


4 thoughts on “40 weeks: due date!

  1. You look so crazy cute! (P.S. Last paragraph begins with “My mom hopes I’ll have Leo on 11-11…”. Please tell me baby girl’s name is not Leo?! Ha ha). Keep us posted about the impending arrival!

  2. I love how your belly is just a little pop out to the front – you really are all baby! These end days are the hardest to be patient and wait – you’ve got this!

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