turning the corner

Yesterday morning Leo was still out of sorts.  His breathing was better (not 100% still) but he was still really tired and miserable.  He didn’t have energy to do anything, he kept coughing and then crying, and he was just generally uncomfortable.  He actually fell asleep on my chest for about 45 minutes, which I swear hasn’t happened since he was 6 months old.  Seriously.

Early afternoon was still pretty rough.  He wanted to be carried every minute… and not just sitting together but carried walking.  Hefting around a 33lb. toddler isn’t easy any day, but when you’re 9 months pregnant it’s a little more difficult.  I tried to find a happy medium with him walking and also just sitting and watching cars out the window.

Then at 3pm, completely out of the blue, Leo climbed out of my lap, asked to play trains, and started crashing cars and trains together, walking around his train table, talking to me.  His breathing sounded completely normal.  He smiled as he played.  I took advantage of the sudden burst of energy and threw him in the bathtub.  I wanted to get the sick smell off him but I also know that I always feel better clean, so I hoped a bath would energize him a bit, too.  He loved playing in the tub and played in there for a good 30-40 minutes.  Afterwards we put on fresh jammies and then he played blocks and read books… and generally acted pretty close to his normal self.  Dave came home and Leo stood on the step ladder to help me make dinner.  He didn’t eat tons but he ate.  He talked to us.  He smiled and made a few jokes.  After dinner he ran around with Dave and helped clean up.  We did a last breathing treatment before bed, more preventative than anything else, did our normal bed routine, and put him down.

I’m not sure what the switch was – maybe the steroids kicking in or the breathing treatments acting their magic.  But whatever it was, it was awesome and gives us a lot of hope for today!

Speaking of those steroids, remember how we crushed them up in applesauce and they tasted so foul that Leo puked them?  Dave had the brilliant idea to quarter them and hide them in spoonfuls of honey.  We got the first pill down easy that way in the morning.  Then in the evening Dave quartered another and hid them in strawberry yogurt.  BAM.  Have a pill for your toddler?  Apparently feed it to them using the same tricks we always used when I was growing up to get my dog to take a pill – peanut butter, honey, yogurt, or the like!  Worked awesome!

Also, it’s birth month!  Early, on time, or late, we will have a baby this month!