Happy Halloween!!


This picture is from a few weekends ago, while Dave and I were away in Grand Rapids.  Aunt Jill took Leo to pick out a pumpkin and got him star stickers to decorate it with.  So much fun!  And such a cutie!

Unfortunately, our little guy is not quite so cheery right now as he is in those pictures.  We’ve had some rough days here, yesterday being a particular doozy.  Tuesday morning Leo woke up wheezy so we started breathing treatments.  By the afternoon he was pretty labored but we were still seeing results from the treatments.  We continued them through the night Tuesday night.  But Wednesday morning we weren’t seeing any difference when we gave him the treatments, so we immediately called the doctor to get him in.  They couldn’t see him until 1:30 so we whittled the hours with lots of Daniel Tiger, Thomas the Tank Engine, Blue’s Clues, a stroller walk, and a decent nap.  Some drinking.  Barely any eating.  Lots of sadness and misery and wheezing.

We didn’t see our normal doctor, as she was out for the day, but saw her colleague.  We’ve seen her before and like her, but she doesn’t know Leo’s history with breathing treatments and the nebulizer, so it did make things a bit trickier.  We did a breathing treatment in office using a stronger med and saw some improvement, but not a whole lot.  At this point the doctor wanted to send us to the hospital to have Leo monitored there, but then said if we were up for it and willing to stay around, she would let us do another treatment in the office, monitoring Leo during and after again to see if his oxygen numbers rose and stabilized.  We were there for two hours but in the end got cleared to head home with strict instructions that if Leo got any worse we should head directly to the ER.

We also were given four prescriptions – a stronger breathing treatment med (what was used in the office), a steroid, an antihistamine (in case the reaction was allergy related), and an antibiotic (to tackle his fever and the possible ear infection in his right ear).  We got the prescriptions and came home and even managed to get Leo to eat a little.  The steroids are in pill form so we were told to crush them up and add them to applesauce.  Did that.  Leo promptly gagged at the horrible taste of them and puked them all over Dave.  I called the doctor and she said the liquid form tasted even worse so to keep giving him the applesauce in small bites spaced out.  We did that, but eventually Leo puked them up again (on Dave, again).  High five for that awesomeness.  We do plan on calling the doctor this morning to see if there is a different option for steroids… or if he’s doing well enough maybe we can avoid them.

In any case, it was one of the worst days I can remember.  Hoping today brings some relief to our little guy (and, frankly, to us).


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  1. Poor Leo!!! I’m so sorry 😦 The steroids they gave Elden in liquid form likely tasted awful but if you gave him it in a syringe it might be doable??

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