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Earlier in this pregnancy my nesting was all about hoarding getting food in the freezer.  Once I got a decent stash of soups, chilis, pizza crusts, muffins, and more stocked up my nesting instincts calmed down.  But lately they’ve revved back up in anticipation of winter.  I’ve been really preoccupied thinking of things we needed to do to get the house ready for winter.  Ordinarily they wouldn’t be a big deal but I know once baby girl arrives even small jobs might seem more daunting.

On Saturday afternoon Dave and Leo and I tackled quite a few of the projects, which left me feeling a little more relaxed.  We have a two car garage but it is very narrow, so there isn’t tons of room in it past cars, the trashcan, and the lawn mower.  In the warm months we actually keep one car in the driveway so we can have the bikes out, the stroller down, the bike trailer out, etc.  So when we store stuff, it’s down in the basement (which luckily has tons of room!).

We put all the outdoor furniture cushions from the front and backyard into large garbage bags and put them down in the basement.  Then we folded up the bike trailer and got it stashed away in the basement, along with all of Leo’s outside toys (basketball hoop, wheelbarrow, water table, miscellaneous cars, balls, etc.).  I took the shop vac to the mudroom and then we folded up the stroller and stashed it there.  It’s accessible enough that we can still grab it for a warm day if we need it, but away enough to give us more room in the garage.  I also took the shop vac to the basement stairs and sweepered up a mess of cobwebs, about a million spider corpses, and a bunch of dust and debris.  Our basement will never be a place to hang out (our house was built in 1900 so the basement is about what you would expect – good for storage but not much else) but sweepering off the stairs did make going down there much more pleasant!

We also hung up the bikes in the garage, swept out the garage and shop vac-ed the corners and cobwebs, rearranged tools, swept the driveway, and raked the front and side yards.  In total it probably only took us about 3 hours but it made a huge difference for me, mentally, to have those things checked off!  Now when baby girl comes I won’t worry about Dave having to do all that himself (which would suck).  And both our cars are in the garage, which is nice as we’ve had a few mornings of hard frost.

Dave went another step and mowed/bagged leaves for our neighbor, too, since they’re without a mower. He’s a good man!

Do you have to do anything at your house to get ready for winter?


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  1. Wowzers! Way to go Kim (and Dave), it always feels good to get those things off the list. Grant and I had a similar day on Saturday. Can’t wait to “meet” your baby girl!! Nesting sure is a strange thing, I can’t seem to quit with the laundry and arranging, read rearranging, baby boy’s clothes.

  2. You are so dang productive. I think you do more than anyone I know, pregnant or not 😉

    We move the vents around to get ready for winter (to push the warm air downstairs). Um… that’s it. We used to have a car that got winter tires, but we don’t have it anymore 🙂

  3. Good job, mama! You are awesome 🙂 We spent 1 day in Sept doing that for our garage – and then Joel did some more storage of the big items (our basements stories are identical….) this past weekend. There’s still some more cleaning we could do – but it’s so hard to find that time with the kids…without getting a baby sitter! How’d you preoccupy Leo while you guys cleaned?!

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