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On Saturday Kimberly and I met up with strollers and boys in tow to hang out and run a little together.  Kimberly suggested Kendallville, which was an easy 45 minutes away for both of us and had a park with a 3 mile running trail circling a lake.  Perfect!

We met up at 11am and it was still fairly cold and pretty windy, but we bundled up the boys and took off.  Less than a quarter mile in to the run the paved path became a true “path” – dirt and leaves.  It was bumpy but not terrible and neither of the toddlers complained so we pushed on.  Plus, the forest was pretty gorgeous.

slightly fuzzy picture of Kim, the boys, and the trail.


After about a mile and half the path came out at a park/beach, so we were back on paved ground.  I requested a quick bathroom stop and then we kept going.  The rest of the loop was paved (hooray!) but super windy, which made it a bit challenging.  Toward the end both boys were ready to be done, requesting lunch (Miles) and to be carried (Leo).  It’s a really good thing the loop was short or we probably would have been in a bit of cranky-toddler trouble.  We finished with 3.25 miles at a 10:30 pace, which we were both happy with considering the terrain, the strollers, the wind, and my pregnancy pace.

Afterwards we classed it up by picnic-ing in the back of Besty van out of the wind.  And Kimberly generously gifted me with some seriously delicious Trader Joe’s goodies (soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies, cookie butter, and two specialty chocolate bars)!

It was a short but super fun visit and we’ll definitely meet back up come spring for some more park and running time together!

not a bad view!

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  1. Woo hoo! I had so much fun with you – running, chatting, eating. I can’t wait to do it again. I think my Toddler Mom brain had blocked out the fussiness at the end and constant pleas for lunch, though.

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