38 weeks

I feel like I suddenly grew, at least in this picture.

How I’m feeling: In general, I’ve been pretty tired and cranky this past week.  Fun for all (especially Dave).  In some ways I’m just ready to meet baby girl and I’m feeling impatient.  I’m also a little more uncomfortable, although really I can’t complain compared to what some women experience.  In other ways, I’m just plain tired (see below).  I haven’t been blogging much because between work and pregnancy and uninspired dinners and same-old-moderate-pace runs I don’t feel like I have much to talk about and I’m generally too tired anyway.  See what I mean?  Cranky.

What I miss:  LEO SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.  Seriously, guys.  I can’t remember the last time he slept all the way through the night.  I think it was a month ago or more.  These last two molars (on top) are driving us insane.  The past week has been especially bad and Leo’s been up a good 5 or 6 times a night.  He’s also taking very short naps (or hey, if it was yesterday, not napping at all).  It’s an all around good time for all of us.

Sleeping: I’ve actually been sleeping pretty well.  I’m waking up maybe once a week and staying awake for two hours or so, which isn’t fun, but could be worse.  On the whole I feel like I’ve slept better this pregnancy than I did with Leo… which is probably because I’m more tired this pregnancy because of Leo!

Eating: Nothing in particular sounds that good or even tastes that great, except fruit.  Even candy corn has lost its luster.  Honeycrisp apples and I are good friends.  Again, this leads to very uninspired dinners.

Weight gain: 18 or 19 pounds, depending on the day.  I don’t anticipate this going up too much more because 1) we’re at the end 2) I don’t feel like eating really and 3) I’m still able to run.  I am making sure I’m eating enough each day though and may still end up gaining more (especially if I go over).

Running: For the most part I’ve switched to the treadmill because it’s stinkin cold in the mornings.  Also Dave had some earlier mornings for work this week and the treadmill was just easier.  Leo does pretty well while I run and entertains himself with his toys and books.  I watch movies (Italian Job right now).  I’ve been doing 3 or so miles most of the time, although yesterday I hit 4.

Massage: Yesterday I got a massage!!  It felt amazing and was such a fun treat.  She really worked on my hips which hurt, but in the good way.  It was all around awesome.  I wish it had lasted three hours instead of just one.

Midwife update: At the appointment on Tuesday we found out that I’m strep B positive, which basically just means I’ll have an IV of antibiotics administered as soon as labor starts.  My midwife will do this though, so it doesn’t change the homebirth plan.  Baby girl is switches from left to right sides between appointments, but she continues to be facing down and toward my back, which is great!

To do: Hang the canvases in her room which isn’t do-or-die before she gets here.  Other than that… just have her!


6 thoughts on “38 weeks

  1. Kim – you look amazing! And you are doing a beautiful job of balancing having a two year-old and being very pregnant with your daughter. I hope the frustration passes soon and that you are able to enjoy some more peaceful days before your girl arrives. Maybe this is nature’s way of getting a rough time out of the way so that the first months with your daughter are smoother for everyone.

  2. This is the 1st post I’ve read of yours (mutual blog commenter sent me to you) so excuse me if you have it listed elsewhere, but what state do you live in? I’m about 30w pregnant with #2 and planning on a homebirth this time, and we are actually declining Strep B testing b/c in Colorado, midwives can’t administer abx. I wish that wasn’t the case! Just curious where you lived that it was possible. 🙂 Good luck on your upcoming birthing time – getting close now!

    1. Hi Josey, I’m from Colorado too. Though I had a hospital birth with a midwife, they told me that if you use a certified nurse midwife, even at a home birth they can administer antibiotics for Strep B.

  3. You look so beautiful and I can’t wait for her to be here! So soon!!! I also can’t wait to hear all about you home birth. You continue to be my pregnancy running inspiration 🙂 I don’t think I’m going to make it as long as you but I hope to keep going for another couple of weeks.

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