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This past weekend my sister came down from Lansing and stayed with Leo so Dave and I could get away for awhile.  This was a combination getaway – to celebrate our 5 year anniversary in December (because with a newborn we won’t be going away), as a last getaway before baby girl arrives, and as a getaway date because we haven’t had one in awhile!

We left Saturday morning and headed up to Grand Rapids.  We didn’t have huge plans for the weekend – originally we thought we would spend a lot of time outside walking around downtown or parks, but the weather was a little cold and wet for that.  Instead, we just enjoyed doing whatever and being on our own!  We went to Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop for lunch when we first arrived and it did not disappoint!

pretzel roll, havarti dill soup, tomato saffron soup, and a goat cheese-mozzarella-white cheddar-rosemary-olive oil and sea salt panini

We sat in a coffee shop.  We walked around a mall.  We read magazines in Barnes and Noble.  We saw The Butler at a discount theater (good movie, would be even better without Oprah).  We had delicious Mexican food for dinner and ate way too much queso.  We slept in.  Dave overcaffeinated himself.  We had a leisurely breakfast and read books.  We walked around Target.  We talked and talked and just hung out.  It was perfect!


Thanks, Jill, for watching Leo for us!!


5 thoughts on “getting away

  1. AWWW! That sounds like a perfect weekend! I am so happy you two got to do that. And was Leo super happy to see you when you got home.

    DYING at your Oprah comment. She has been getting on my nerves lately. Mostly, that Diana Nyad thing, then something I saw about her on the news this am.

  2. Good Morning – glad you had such a nice get-away….the soup sounds ahhhhh-mazing! Now I saw the Butler and thought Oprah knocked it out of the park – isn’t that funny?! Saw Gravity this weekend but didn’t like the plot very well but of course the special effects were pretty cool!!

    1. Well, in general I really don’t like Oprah and she annoys me, so even if she was amazing I probably would have been disgruntled! 🙂

      On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 1:48 PM, GirlEvolving

  3. I want your lunch! Glad you guys had a good weekend away. And love to Aunt Jill for hanging with your teething 2 year old!

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