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36 weeks

36 weeks

Thankfully much of the discomfort I was experiencing last week has passed.  I haven’t had heartburn for awhile, which is so nice.  Running has also felt better.  I was even able to do 4 miles yesterday morning.  My pace wasn’t fast – 10:50 – but I felt really good and was able to run the whole time.  Sleep has been okay.  It takes me longer to fall asleep and I still sometimes wake up randomly in the middle of the night (and am up for awhile), but I’ve had some really good nights of sleep, too.

Our midwife home visit got cancelled on Friday – the midwife had a birth to attend – but will be rescheduled sometime this week.  I’m looking forward to that.  I also want to talk through how to time contractions, when to call her, etc.  Since I was induced with Leo I actually don’t have any experience with timing contractions.  And since I only had back labor with him, I really have no idea what a contraction feels like.  This whole birth kind of feels like a first time all over again!

Perhaps most exciting, baby girl’s room is 90% finished!  I’ve been struggling to sew a curtain for the window in the door to the balcony off her room.  I think I’ve sewn 3 or 4 different versions, but all of them have failed for one reason or another (didn’t look good, my sewing machine left grease marks on the fabric, etc.).  Finally I used no-sew iron on hem tape and hand-stitched on the red ricrac.  Originally I was going to hang the curtain from some cute knobs I picked up at Hobby Lobby but in the end took the easy route and picked up curtain hardware and a hook from Lowe’s.  And – viola! – a finished curtain that I actually LIKE instead of just tolerate!  (Huge thanks to Dave for the curtain hardware installation!)


Our sweet and talented friend Lauren designed some prints for us for the room as well.  They’re being printed on canvases and aren’t here yet, but we’re so excited for them!  For the most part the room is done.  We have a bed frame coming from my brother and sister-in-law and the canvases in the mail and a mobile that my sister is making.  But really, the room is pretty complete.  It feels really good knowing that whenever she arrives we are ready!


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  1. That’s exciting about the nursery! And awesome job keeping going with your running. You are getting so close now, less than a month. And I know how tough those end of pregnancy runs can be. Keep it up, you’re awesome! I can’t wait to get back to running, but being less than a week postpartum, I’m only walking right now.

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