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A few people have asked me what sort of supplies I have to get together for the homebirth, so I thought I would do a post on it.  This is what our midwife asks us to have on hand – other midwives might bring some or all of the following… or might ask for other things.  The majority of the items I either had at home already or I picked up at Dollar General.

  • 1 set of sheets you don’t care about
  • 1 shower curtain

The idea here is to make your bed with clean sheets, then spread the shower curtain on top (to protect the bed/mattress).  Then make the bed with the old sheets.  After labor/delivery the old sheets are taken off and discarded or washed, the shower curtain is removed, and the bed is already made with clean sheets.

  • 20 extra-large disposable underpads (I have 18 because that’s what was in the pack).  These will go on top of the sheets as well.  I found them at Dollar General.
  • several pillows (recommend covering them with garbage bags to protect them) – used during labor
  • 5 bath towels – for cleaning the baby
  • 8 wash cloths – used as hot compresses
  • 2 baby hats
  • electric heating bag/hot water bottle/rice bag, etc. – used to warm the towels or the baby
  • 8 receiving blankets
  • extension cord – so midwife can set up her equipment conveniently
  • thermometer
  • flashlight
  • roll of paper towels
  • baby wipes
  • 1 medium mixing bowl – to catch the afterbirth for examination
  • cookie sheet – rarely used but in case they need a firm surface for the baby
  • small, unopened bottle of olive oil – to help skin stretch during delivery
  • 3 garbage bags
  • 3 gallon ziploc bags
  • 2 bottles hydrogen peroxide – to take out blood stains
  • newborn diapers/wipes
  • maxi pads and/or hospital mesh underwear for post-delivery
  • witch hazel pads
  • laundry detergent – the midwife starts a load of laundry with all the towels, etc. before she leaves
  • bleach
  • coffee and snacks for the birth team
  • gatorade or similar – for me during labor
  • a meal for after birth – the midwife will either put a meal in the oven for us or scramble eggs or make oats, etc.
  • car seat installed in car
  • car full of gas – just in case
  • hospital bag packed – just in case

So that’s all!  It looks like a long list but it really wasn’t hard to put together.  I did one run to Dollar General, one to Walmart, and gathered the rest from around the house.


I also made a list for myself of things for me/Dave to do when labor first starts, assuming the first bit of labor is pretty easy and I’m still functioning:

  • set coffee pot to be ready to brew when needed
  • gather snacks for birth team
  • make baked oatmeal
  • prep rice and bean casserole
  • cover pillows in garbage bags
  • make bed with sheets/shower curtain
  • do any last minute laundry
  • do any last minute cleaning as able

And, of course, spend some time with Leo!  He’ll be going to a friend’s house while I’m in labor, but if the beginning is fairly low-key we might keep him home for a bit to get some last minute time with him.

One thing I still need to do is have a bag packed for Leo so that when the time comes he’s ready to go.  I also need to pack a bag for myself for the hospital.

Last night Dave surprised me with an early baby present – these gorgeous silver flower earrings!  So sweet of him and I absolutely love them!



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