getting nosey

On Monday night this happened:


I got my nose pierced!

I’ve actually wanted to pierce my nose since college, but my college (where I attended and where I now work) has a “no facial piercings” policy so I’ve never been able to.  BUT I realized that maternity leave would allow ample time for my nose to heal – when I return to work I can put in a clear spacer on the days I am in the office.  Of course, I made sure to clear this with my midwife first.  She admitted that nobody has ever asked her before but she was okay with it as long as I got it done at a professional, clean place.

Dave was super excited for me to get this done and worked it out so we could do it Monday after my last day in the office!

The piercing itself didn’t hurt at all, which surprised me.  It stung/ached afterwards, but by the next morning felt totally fine.  I’m totally in love with it and thrilled – after all these years – to have it!

(In terms of how I picked a side, I chose the left because the right side is where I had some skin cancer removed.  You can’t even see the mark from that, but I thought it was better to play it safe in case there was scar tissue present.)

Leo’s rocking his own new look lately:


Yeah… there is nothing cuter than that!


6 thoughts on “getting nosey

  1. I love this! I’ve always wanted my nose pierced. I feel like my nose is a great candidate for a little stud piercing. My mom wouldn’t let me when I was younger; and now I work in HR, seems like something I’ll never get done. LOVE that you went for it though! So awesome!

  2. Woo! Wild girl! But seriously, it looks super great.

    Also, I’ve been working on your baby girl prints this week…I haven’t forgotten! Will have something to you in the next day or two…hope I’m not too late!

  3. Love the depth of who you are! Nose-ring wearing, mini-van driving, skinny running pregnant woman!!!! Can’t believe how close you are to baby girl being here!!!

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