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Ever since we found out we were expecting baby girl, we’ve been talking about finding a van.  Previously we had a Pontiac Grand Am and a Honda Civic.  The Grand Am was big enough for the three of us, for the most part, although long car trips took some creative packing to fit in the pack and play, jogging stroller, and all our bags.  So when we knew we would be a family of four we thought it would be a really good idea to get a van.  But we didn’t want a car payment and we were hoping to do an even trade with our Grand Am or come out ahead.  After a couple months of looking around, we found this van just a couple blocks away.  She’s older (’97) and has a lot of miles, but checked out great at the mechanic and is a Honda Odyssey, which was a big selling point for us (we love Hondas).  She’s also got a smaller frame, so she looks more like a cross between a station wagon and a van, which was a plus for us, too.  We took her for a test drive, got her checked out, and bought her up.  Three days later we sold our Grand Am via Craigslist and BAM – in one week we’d acquired a van and sold a car!

After a few drives around town we named her Betsy and taught Leo to call her “Betsy van.”  Speaking of Leo, he loves riding in a van because he can see so much more!  He’s much more content when we’re driving because he can see more – and he’s constantly chattering about what we’re passing.  It’s awesome!


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