Leo’s quirks

Here’s a couple quirky/adorable things Leo’s been doing lately:

Over the past 2 weeks Leo has turned into a huge chatterbox.  He’s constantly talking it seems, half to himself, half to us.  It’s fascinating to hear his narration as he plays and I love his imagination!  Earlier this week I washed his hair in the bath, which is always a point of contention and fear for him, as he hates getting water in his eyes.  Afterwards he pretended to wash his duck’s hair and even told it, “Chin up.  Oh good job.  All done.  No water in your eyes!”  He’s also starting to use smaller connecting words, like “and” and “are” and “have,” so he’s able to make more complete sentences now.

He’s also been gathering all his stuffed animals in to his arms when we tuck him in for nap and bedtime.  This includes at least two Mr. Carrots, Dog, a bunny, a lion, and Little Bear.

Everything comes from Oma (my mom) lately.  It’s gotten slightly better in the last week but for a solid 2 weeks everything came from Oma, including all his clothes, his pajamas, all his toys, all his books, his snacks (“Oma cheerios!”), my wedding ring, etc.  It was ridiculous and a little exhausting and completely hilarious.

In the same vein, he’s obsessed with his Oma blanket (the quilt my mom made him).  He’s actually woken up in the middle of the night or early morning crying because his blanket is off and he needs it back on.  We’re trying to teach him how to pull it up himself.

Leo’s continued to do really well in his big bed, which he still calls “new bed,” but does get turned around sometimes.  Then he cries and we find him crawling around at the foot of his bed like a confused baby mole, half-asleep and all disoriented.

One of his top molars has poked through which means ONLY ONE MORE TOOTH (the other top molar).  He’s never been a terrible teether but all the same, I’ll take all the teeth before his sister arrives for late-night partying.

Lastly, we tried this idea from Pinterest the other day and it’s PERFECT.  The crayons are contained, the child is contained, and he gets to sit in a box.  He happily colors in here for 20 minutes or more at a time!


5 thoughts on “Leo’s quirks

  1. Your child washes his duck’s hair, Miles takes the duck and presses it against his belly to make fart sounds. All the same, right? Ha! I love reading about Leo and love this little box. I’m going to do this this weekend for sure!

  2. Oh my! Mylin used to cry in the middle of the night when her blankie wasn’t just right, too! Thanks for reminding me of that 🙂 It was exhausting at the time, but now it’s cute to remember back to that!
    Also – box idea?! Genius. Cannot wait to try it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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