33 weeks


33 weeks, 7.5 months pregnant, 7 weeks til due date!  I took this picture Saturday morning after a happy 5 mile run, partly by myself, partly joined by Leo and Dave.  My running last week felt really lackluster – tired, slow, dragging – but Saturday morning brought a drop in temperatures and much more enjoyable runs for the weekend.  I’m still at 4 miles a day and trying to do one “long” run of 5 or 6 miles a week (sometimes it happens, sometimes not).  In general I’m averaging about 25 miles a week right now.  My pace is about 9:45-10 without the stroller and 10:45-11 with the stroller.  The stroller feels A LOT harder now, so I’ve been trying to go on my own when I can (depends on Dave’s work schedule).

I’ve schedule a massage for myself for the end of October!  I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to go… but deliberately scheduled it closer to my due date.  I’ll end up going around 39 weeks.

I got another few meals in the freezer this week – cincinnati chili, black bean soup, and broccoli soup.  I have about 10 or so meals there now, plus a lot of muffins and some applesauce, so I think I can lay off.  If I make a meal that easily doubles for the freezer I’ll do it, but I’m not feeling as pressed to get all the food in the freezer.  I’ve started to make a list of meals that are easy to throw together quickly so I’ll have a “cheat sheet” after baby comes – I can sometimes draw a blank on what to make (especially when tired) and end up feeling too overwhelmed to think of anything.  Then we end up with pbj or scrambled eggs.

Dave and I have been talking to Leo a lot about how he’ll need to “share Pa” when baby girl comes.  Leo can be jealous of Dave showing attention to others, so we’re trying to prepare him that Dave will carry the baby and hug the baby and sometimes he’ll hold her and won’t be able to hold Leo.  We’re not sure how much of an impact it’s really making on Leo, but we figure it can’t hurt to be prepping.

I’ve gained 16 pounds.  My weight gain has been pretty slow, which I think is mainly due to the fact that I’m still comfortable running and that baby girl sits on my stomach more, so I don’t always feel like eating.  I’m still measuring small but consistently growing.  We’re down to midwife appointments every 2 weeks now!

I still haven’t gone shopping for homebirth supplies, but I’m thinking Tuesday on my way home from the office I’ll stop at a couple different stores and pick up some stuff and hopefully knock a good chunk of items off the list.

Things left to do:

  • buy homebirth supplies
  • sew curtain for the window in the door of baby girl’s room
  • wash diapers

Other things I want to do before she comes:

  • scrub the stroller
  • wash Leo’s carseat cover
  • wash the front of the kitchen cupboards

Anything I’m missing?  Any ideas of cheat sheet meals?


3 thoughts on “33 weeks

  1. Sorry for my ignorance – what are the homebirth supplies?

    I hope Leo is able to share Pa!

    You amaze me with your running! You are a rockstar!

  2. Sounds like your running is going great! I have never run with a stroller before, but I’m sorta looking forward to doing so after baby is here:) We got a gently used BOB stroller and I am so excited to finally use it soon.

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