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Yesterday morning was rainy but cleared up just in time for Leo and I to venture out for a stroller run.  The first part of the run was pretty dark and cloudy, but gradually the sun came out and we were greeted with a pretty stellar sunrise.

looking out over the waterfall
looking out over the waterfall


Sure, there are mornings where I wish Leo slept in longer, but honestly, I kind of love our early morning runs.  It gets me out the door before the workday starts and we’ve seen some really amazing sunrises and some equally gorgeous moons.  Leo loves (loves loves) seeing the moon and stars and watching the dark creep away and the light sneak in.  I so enjoy sharing that quiet morning space with him!


2 thoughts on “mornings

  1. AHHH I love sunrises! I bet it is even more special to share them with Leo! Can you see a lot of stars there? We don’t see a TON here, but when I got visit my Grandmother in Iowa, it’s like… holy cow! 🙂

  2. I wish I made it out the door earlier in the mornings, but my body just has a hard time waking up, haha! Seeing beautiful sights while running is so fulfilling!! And ho w cool that you get to share that with your son. I guess that is one plus for me, no matter what time if day I run outside, I love looking at the beautiful Colorado mountains.

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