things I’m loving

1. Dave brought this home from the grocery store the other day and ohmyword.  The whipped lightness makes it so much better than regular chocolate peanut butter.  YUM.


And then Dave suggested this sandwich:


Such a good idea.

2. While we’re talking about food, I’ve been all about nachos.  Nothing fancy, just corn chips and shredded cheese microwaved for 25 seconds.

3. Demons by Imagine Dragons

4. Bike rides.  Previously we had Leo’s bike trailer hitched to my bike because I ran errands with him the most.  However, pulling a bike trailer is hard and doubly so when you’re pregnant.  Tuesday afternoon we switched the hitch to Dave’s bike (and then smartly ordered a second hitch for my bike for less than $10 so we can easily put the trailer on either bike in less than 30 seconds).  Wednesday morning we did an errand bike ride, hoping to end at the bookstore where I could work, Leo could play, and Dave could read.  Unfortunately, they weren’t open yet (whomp whomp) so we rode home instead.  But man, I’m loving bike rides even more when I’m not carting extra weight!


What are you loving right now?


3 thoughts on “things I’m loving

  1. KIIIIIM. Oh man, I can’t get enough of nachos either! Michael keeps making fun of me because I just microwave cheese on tortilla chips…but I’ve been adding some salsa lately too. And that whipped pb and chocolate looks divine. “Girl baby” cravings, perhaps? Yay, life twin!

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