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We’ve updated some windows in our house in the past few weeks.  First, curtains in the kitchen!  I picked a really bright pattern here, hoping it wouldn’t be too busy or crazy.  I love them!  They add just the right amount of color and pattern to the kitchen, I think.



Big thanks to my Aunt Penny who helped me sew them and to Dave for getting them hung.  It was not an easy project.  The window frames of our house are made of very sturdy wood (Dave thinks solid oak?) and when he initially went to hang the curtain rods the screw broke inside the wood!  Super frustrating!

And then this weekend we got some blinds for our bedroom.  Our bedroom faces the west and we go to bed early… so basically we go to bed right about the time the sun is shining full-force into our room.


It’s really hard to take a decent picture of a window in the daytime… but as Dave pointed out, everybody has seen blinds before.

We actually initially bought blackout roller shades but we returned them.  When we bought them I checked with the sales associate that they would definitely roll all the way back up – I didn’t want the shade hanging down over the window.  She said that yes, they absolutely would.  Except when we got them installed they absolutely did not.  They hung down a good six inches or so, which felt like too much.  So we returned them and picked out these faux-wood wide-slat blinds instead.  They’re not blackout but they do a good job and we like the look of them much better.

Have you done any house projects lately?


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  1. they look great! we did the slat blinds for our main areas this winter and it made such a difference! love them. i’m currently staining all the kitchen cabinets. ummm what was i thinking?! 🙂 actually the process is easy, but lengthy. can’t wait till it’s done.

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