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A couple more baby-related things knocked off the list this weekend.

1.  A few extra cloth diapers.  Leo doesn’t use that many diapers per day anymore, but newborns sure do, so we wanted to get just a few more to supplement our supply… basically so we’re not washing diapers every day.  Plus, I wanted some fun, girly diapers for baby girl.  We have our Discover card cashback bonus linked to our Amazon account, so we were able to order 3 more diapers for “free”!  Once baby girl arrives we’ll see if we need more or not.

this one is my favorite!
this one is my favorite!

2.  Our bank also gives us rewards points every quarter or so which can be turned in for prizes.  None of the prizes have really wowed me, but I found a noise machine on there and in our points range!  So that is ordered in case baby girl is a light sleeper like her brother (we will try her without the noise machine first).


3.  More in the freezer… soon.  I made a huge pot of black bean soup on Saturday night for dinner, intending to freeze half of it… except I’m out of freezer containers!  I put in a quick order at Amazon and we should have containers early next week so I can still freeze some.

4.  I also made a giant batch of banana chocolate chip peanut butter muffins – half for now and half for the freezer.  Thank goodness muffins can go in a ziploc.


5.  32 weeks in my favorite maternity sweater (thanks, Melanie!).  It’s finally cool enough to wear it!  I feel like I grew a lot recently, as it’s suddenly much more uncomfortable to sit or bend over.


6.  Not necessarily baby-related, but some other things that happened this weekend: family run on Sunday morning, church date, sorting new hand-me-downs for Leo (thank you, Laura!), cleaning/laundry, haircuts for Dave and Leo, football, and a trip to Lowe’s.

Leo really likes Lowe's roomy shelves
Leo really likes Lowe’s roomy shelves

7.  Completely unrelated, but how cute are cowboy boots and naked baby legs?


How was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “getting ready

  1. Those diapers are so stinkin’ cute! As are naked baby legs in boots. Bummer that belly is getting in the way of things. Stay strong – 8 more weeks. So … btw … I just realized you could deliver the day of Vets. Awesome. Work on it.

  2. You do look adorable in that really cute shirt! And I want a muffin.
    Lowe’s trips cause marital issues between us if we’re not careful – I hate that place!
    LOVE Leo’s booty and boots…does baby girl have a matching pair in pink?!
    What special containers do you use from Amazon to freeze with?

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