1. Yesterday I was so tired on my drive to work that I had to stop and sleep for 15 minutes in an empty parking lot.  This is totally something my mom would (and has!) done.  I liked that.

2. It was so stinkin hot yesterday morning (76 degrees at 4am) that I took off my shirt midway through the run and let the 7 month belly hang out in all its glory.  I have never had the confidence or bravery to run shirtless before, but it was dark and so.stinkin.hot.  I actually had to take some walk breaks on the run home to keep myself from overheating.  Ridiculous.

3. When I was pregnant with Leo I definitely noticed that my body temperature ran a little warmer, but it wasn’t anything drastic.  Basically I would just go from comfortable to blazing hot in two seconds, without any in between.  But baby girl has me running so hot.  I’m constantly sweat-pitting my shirts (lovely) and I sleep without any blankets while Dave sleeps with a sheet and a blanket (pre-pregnancy those roles would have definitely been reversed).

4. I tried to make chocolate chip cookies using oat flour and it was a total fail.  Turns out you really need a little gluten to help the structure of the cookie.  Duh.  (Somewhere my food scientist and chef cousins are shaking their heads in disbelief at my mistake.)

5. I’m so obsessed with getting food in the freezer that I think Dave is starting to (legitimately) wonder if I’m going to make food for us to actually eat now.  To be honest, I’m much more preoccupied thinking about freezer meals than meal planning the week.  Fail.

What are some of your confessions?


3 thoughts on “confessions

  1. This post made me laugh!
    If 76 is hot…..try 90 something that early in the morning! MISERABLE! And yes, this pregnant momma is a mess. Staying indoors way too much. But, tried to take a walk today and was a sweaty sweaty mess. Jadon and I both came home in meltdowns!

    I love that you are focused on freezer stocking and not weekly menu. That was TOTALLY me a few weeks ago. I think its about as stocked as I can get it now. Though there is still part of me that wants to do more, I am forced to focus on the now. But I also don’t want to plan too much for the week because who knows…maybe could come anytime!

    And by the way, thanks for writing me back a few weeks back on facebook about discipline stuff 😉

  2. I love reading your confessions! WTG running shirtless! I love that you did that 🙂 And smart move to stop and sleep.


    1. I kind of look forward to going downtown to work because I can sleep on the train with no one interrupting me (well, unless someone bumps in to me).
    2. I haven’t taken a shower since Tuesday morning! (that will change soon)
    3. I am an awful, awful scab picker 😦

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