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family bike ride

On Saturday afternoon Dave and I decided to take Leo for a bike ride to the soft pretzel shop.  It’s been awhile since we’ve biked and Leo loved being back in the trailer – makes me think we should make more of an effort to take even short rides with him!

behemoth delicious soft pretzel + cheese sauce = happiness
love Leo's little happy face!
love Leo’s little happy face!

It was probably only 5 miles total but when we got home I was so tired!  It took me about 2 hours to recoup my energy.  I’m definitely not used to biking.

Other events of the weekend: two more meals in the freezer (chickpea sundried tomato pesto burgers – recipe coming this week – and bean and quinoa chili), the regular housecleaning and chores, a church “date” (Dave and I have decided that with Leo in the nursery church feels a lot like a date), solo running, and Sunday afternoon football.  All in all, a really great weekend!

What was notable about your weekend?


3 thoughts on “family bike ride

  1. Sorry… I have to ask… where are your helmets?

    AND WHAT?! A soft pretzel shop?!?!?! I WANT TO GO!!!!

    What was notable about this weekend is that I got to chill out! Loved it!

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