31 weeks


After 30 weeks where salad sounded like the worst thing ever to me, I finally have been eating them again.  Gamechanger: a sweet and sour dressing recipe from my friend.  I’ve been loving it with shredded cheese and hardboiled egg, plus a cut up Chik’n patty sometimes, too.  Delicious.  I’m also back on the steel cut oats bandwagon.  Every morning I make 3/4c. dried oats.  When they’re cooked I add in a diced peach or nectarine and share the bowl with Leo.  And lastly: candy corn.  Yes yes.

Running is going well.  My pace has improved a bit with the drop in temperatures.  I’m at about 10:15 pace with the stroller.  No hip problems and so far my belly feels good without a support belt.  I’ve tried a support belt (both with Leo and with this pregnancy) and I find them really awkward and uncomfortable.  I’m super excited to have cooler temps back instead of the humid, warm mornings we had last week.

I finally broke down and bought a maternity tank top.  No idea why I waited so long.  I found one at Kohl’s for about $8 and it’s actually long enough that I’m not worried about my belly making an underside appearance.

I’m noticing that if I have a busy day where I’m on my feet a lot I’m pretty tired by the end of the day and I can definitely feel it in my low back/hips.  I don’t have any swelling but sitting with my feet up instead of just sitting with them down definitely feels a lot better.

Things left to do:

  • I have some more dinners I’d like to get into the freezer.
  • Need to work on a curtain for baby girl’s room.
  • Wash the car seat cover (I’m sure it’s quite lovely from when Leo used it…).
  • Buy home birth supplies.

None of those are absolutely necessary except the home birth supplies.  Those need to be bought before our 36 week midwife appointment, but I’m hoping to knock them out sooner than that.  Once I buy them all I’ll do a post on what I collected, too.