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date night

Last night Dave and I escaped the house for an impromptu date night (a friend had a free night and offered to come over which was awesome!).  We hit up Applebee’s for some dessert, 100% because we had a gift card to use.  I got the chocolate lava cake and Dave got the apple chimi cheesecakes.  We finished our plates and walked out with money still on our card (return trip?).  I felt uncomfortably full because I was uncomfortable even before dessert – baby girl was not sitting so pretty.

Here’s the wild side, guys: we left at 6:59pm and arrived home at 7:58pm.  We’re crazy, I know.


We could have stayed out longer but a certain toddler that we share the house with doesn’t exactly sleep in just because we stole a date night (and since his fever this weekend still hasn’t been sleeping so great at nights or naps).

Still, 59 minutes of solo time with that guy?  The best.


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  1. Someone call the police! You guys are wild. So glad you got out and had a chance to enjoy a restaurant without a toddler.

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