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labor day weekend

We kicked off Labor Day weekend with a midwife appointment on Friday (30 weeks!).  30 always feels like a big one to me, because it means we’re officially in the home stretch (after the 30s is just due date… and overdue).


Afterwards we had dinner with some friends where we ruled roasted eggplant not one of our favorite things and buttermilk blueberry cheesecake ice cream (homemade) a definite WIN.

Saturday morning we had Leo’s 2 year pictures taken (can’t wait to see them!).  Leo threw a tantrum before we left the house, which really boosted our confidence for the pictures.  However, we had decided to have them taken outside at a park and once we hit the rock-throwing area Leo was golden.  Also, Leo fell head-over-heels in love with our photographer and talked about him all.the.time over the weekend.

After pictures Leo and I hit up the grocery store, where I noticed he seemed a little pale and off.  By the time we got home he had a full blown fever and was really struggling.  Despite being exhausted he barely napped Saturday and most of the rest of the day Dave and I worked to just keep him moderately happy and not miserable.  Sunday was a little more of the same, although I got to sneak out to go see The Way Way Back  with Shannan (amazing movie!).


Monday Leo rallied for some Labor Day fun.  We went to a new park that opened near our house.  It doesn’t have a playground but it has a huge pond and train tracks and a 1.5 mile gravel-packed track around the edge.  It’s awesome!


I also made two soups – zucchini rice for the freezer and tomato basil for the fridge for the week.  (I also got some more muffins in the freezer so my hoarder’s heart was very happy.)


We potlucked dinner with friends, hung around the house, put away some of Leo’s old toys, and picked apples in the backyard (and made them in to apple oatmeal muffins).  A pretty fantastic long weekend.  We all could have done without the random fever but hey, it could have been A LOT worse (example: puking).

What did you do this weekend?


2 thoughts on “labor day weekend

  1. I saw The Way Way Back a few weeks ago and loved it! What a cute movie – glad you enjoyed it too. The amount of things you get accomplished with a two year old at home is incredible. You are like the energizer bunny!

  2. What a great weekend! That new park looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to see Leo’s pics!

    My weekend was chill – canoeing and hanging out at the beach. And driving. Yuck. Ha ha.

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