a day in the life: 2 years old!

This is the last day in the life post I will do for Leo (at least on a monthly basis).

First, just check out the changes in this little boy from 1 year ago:

1 year - chubby legs, no-neck, all baby
1 year – chubby legs, no-neck, all baby
18 mos - somewhere between baby and little boy
18 mos – somewhere between baby and little boy
tall, long-limbed little boy
tall, long-limbed little boy

At the doctor yesterday Leo weighed in at 32 pounds and 36.5 inches tall.  That’s the 88% for weight and 95% for height – hardly the little 0% lightweight we had at 6 months!  The doctor estimated Leo would be around 6 feet when he’s fully grown… and at the rate he’s been shooting up I feel like we’re going to hit that in elementary school.

Favorite toys: Little school bus, the lego train car, trains – basically anything with wheels.  You like the zig-zag race car track and playing with your tools.  You commandeered a tape measure from us and love to pull it open (you have yet to pinch your fingers, thankfully).  You got a harmonica for your birthday and loooove to play it.

Favorite books: You don’t sit to read as much as you used to (you’re so busy!) but you do still love to read and when you get going you just bring book after book after book.  A current favorite is Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!  You yell “no pigeon!” and laugh a lot.  You also love Tons of Trucks and any book about cars, trains, trucks, buses, etc. (Richard Scarry books are popular!).

Talking: For being a late talker you sure caught up!  You narrate life for us in two to four word sentences and you often keep repeating them until we validate what you are saying.  You often tell strangers in the grocery store about train tracks.  You can count to 10 (sometimes you skip a number but you’ve gotten really good) and know different parts of the alphabet.  If we say it with you, you can do it all.  Otherwise you just spout of 8 or 9 letters in a row, at random (most often H I J K L M N O).

Favorite things to do: Throw rocks, go for walks (out of the stroller), look for trains, go to the park, play at the water table, wrestle with Pa, jump.


Discipline: You really like to test boundaries right now.  If we say not to touch something you’ll touch all around it, asking, “This?  This?”  There have been more tears lately because we’ve been holding the line on things and disciplining early, in an effort to teach you to respect boundaries and listen well.  You are a really good boy at heart and we know this is totally normal and what you need to do developmentally, but sometimes, man, it really tires us out!  It’s no fun being the enforcer!  However, we have seen huge progress in you not fussing when we’re out and about places, so that’s been awesome and we’re really proud of you.

Dislikes: Diaper changes (but you have no interest in using the toilet yet), loud noises, showers or splash pads (you’re particular about getting your face wet), messy hands, and getting dressed.

You are very busy but not in to things.  You’re fast and wiggly but also have a tendency to rest your head on my chest when you’re watching a show.  You’re very affectionate before bedtime (procrastination!) and don’t want to be bothered with hugs other times.  You’re shy at first and then love to ham it up.  You often have a very serious face on when you’re playing because you’re very focused and observant.  You are detail-oriented and tend to absorb the world around you, not just fly through it (you and Pa are similar this way!).  You have a bit of perfectionism in you and some impatience, too.  You like rules and tend to take them seriously, in most cases.  If we let you, you would live on fruit snacks 24/7.  And ice cream.  You make us laugh every day and even on the worst days when it’s been tantrum after tantrum and discipline and just exhausting we always, always are so grateful to have you and know that our lives are endlessly better and richer and more amazing because you’re with us.  We love you!


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  1. Aww, I love the pictures you chose! You really can see Leo grow up! And it’s so fun that he has such a personality now and you can see the traits he will grow in to as he gets older!

    Do you plan to do half year updates or anything after this?

    Very excited to hear he likes the book!!! 🙂

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