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social wear-down

Monday was a beast of a day, which led to no post on Tuesday (I generally write my posts the night before).  Apparently Leo went a little fritzy from all the social fun over the weekend.  Friday night our friends Tyler and Abby stayed with us and Leo fell head-over-heels in love with them, especially Abby.  Proof: on Monday morning he woke up at 3:45am chanting “Abby Abby, more Abby” for about ten minutes before he fell back asleep.  He also talked to a random little girl at the library about Tyler and Abby.  On Saturday morning Leo and I drove down to Fort Wayne to see my mom (in town for just the weekend), my sister, and my aunt and uncle.  Leo was in full-blown heaven with all the focused attention and new playmates.  He’s definitely hit the age where he realizes people are watching him and gets very hammy and show-offy.  This sometimes creates an over-wired over-excited crazed maniac that doesn’t listen well the first time, but it’s mostly just funny and cute and a lot of movement and energy.  Anyhow, we came back Sunday afternoon and then Monday rolled around.

Oy, Monday.

Monday morning started out pleasant enough.  But then naptime happened, or rather, didn’t.  Leo hasn’t really fought sleep in a long time.  He’s pretty fantastic about going down for naps and bedtime, which is awesome.  But Monday he just wailed and hollered and fussed.  After an hour of fighting he finally fell asleep… for 30 minutes.  Then he woke up grumpy, still tired, and super temperamental.  The rest of the afternoon was a fight for survival (me) and a lot of irrational tantrums (Leo).  At one point he melted down because his drink was “too far away”… literally 2 inches from him.  Seriously.

We finally left the house for a soft pretzel date and a quick stop at Kroger, both of which went well (I’m not going to lie: I cried on the way to the pretzel place and then I felt much better).  Feed him at a window facing a busy road and the boy is golden.  And then, huge high fives for Dave, Dave got home from work and took Leo for the next hour (they found some neighborhood kids to play with and Leo took a facedive off a patio but recovered superfast and has nary a bruise to show for it).

Tuesday, thankfully, was much better.  Much happier.  Much less cry-over-the-placement-of-your-drink.  Tuesday was also the very last Tuesday night trail 5k. I ran even though it was crazy blazing hot (91 with a heat index of 99). I carried ice water and kept my pace really easy. Thankfully the course is almost all in the shade and there was even some breeze! I finished in 31:59. I wish there were more of these – I’ll miss them!


4 thoughts on “social wear-down

  1. Please fell me the pretzel place was Ben’s!!!! We’ve had a couple this summer, and I love them! Also, it’s cool if you cried. I did yesterday. 🙂

  2. What a bummer that the summer 5Ks are over! You kicked butt!

    Oh, Leo 😦 Gosh, I wonder if beside the weekend excitement he was just reacting to the heat too! Yay for the pretzel date and even more for Dave taking him to play 🙂

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