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29 weeks

29 weeks, after a weekend trip to Fort Wayne which was super fun but left me tired!


We were supposed to have a midwife appointment last Friday but had a scheduling error and it’s now this Friday instead.  We normally walk to the midwife (the office is about a mile from our house).  Friday’s walk included a full-blown public temper tantrum by Leo – he wanted Dave to run with him and Dave did, a few times, but then said it was time to walk.  He calmed down by the time we got to the office and the walk home was much less eventful.  Once Leo throws a tantrum over something it’s rarely an issue again – we just have to get through the tantrum in order for him to get the lesson.

Anyhow, back to 29 weeks.  I think we have a blood draw this week for… something.  I forget.

I had been concerned that baby girl wasn’t in the right position but more and more I’m thinking she might be (phew).  I’m feeling smaller movements down low (like hands) and bigger movements toward the middle.  I think I found her head or butt the other night – it was hard and round.  Now that she’s getting bigger I’m looking forward to being able to guess what body part I’m feeling!

Last week I ran 30 miles, which is my highest weekly total since March  (when we found out I was pregnant)!  I felt really good for it and haven’t had any hip issues – not even much soreness.  I feel like when the mornings are cooler I have less achiness than when it’s hot?  Does that make any sense?

I’m definitely feeling bigger but not uncomfortable.  Turning over in bed requires a bit more effort, but nothing extreme.  I’m noticing if I don’t drink enough water I don’t feel the best, so I’ve tried to be really diligent about it (which is also a good habit for when I’m nursing).

Things I still need to prep: freezer meals and gathering supplies for the homebirth.  Eventually we’re going to buy some extra cloth diapers but since baby girl won’t be in those until after the first couple weeks, it’s not a huge rush.  Also, the insurance authorization letter.  Guys, this has been such a chore to try to get.  We got approved by insurance for our midwife/home birth to be covered and I received the authorization code at that time, but was told they would also mail a letter (which is helpful for the midwife just to have the official document).  We never received the letter.  I’ve called FOUR times asking them to send it, fax it, email it and they always say “oh we’re taking care of that” AND STILL NO LETTER.  I’ve talked to really nice people so it’s hard to get mad, but I’m going to have to get a little feisty I think.  OY.

Pregnant with Leo at 29 weeks


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