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switching to a big bed

This past weekend we switched Leo to a big bed.  The bed has been in his room since he was born and lately we’ve been using it to lay together at night before he goes to bed.  We talked up the big bed some, but not crazy amounts, and Leo didn’t seem to care much anyway.  We thought the process might go pretty well, especially since Leo has been big into rules lately (when we tell him we’re going to the store he automatically states, “no fuss” in a very serious voice).  Still, we knew it was a bit of a gamble.  We also picked a time when Dave would definitely be home for a few days and nights, knowing that when Dave says “no” on something it has more weight than when I do (even though we discipline the same, Leo seems to take it more seriously coming from Pa).

Saturday morning Dave broke down the crib and we moved it and the changing table out of Leo’s room, then switched up the room arrangement and put a bed rail up on the side of the bed.  And then we put Leo down for a nap, unsure of how it would go.  We told him several times not to get out of bed until we came and got him and also tried to play up his “new bed!”

In the end he went to sleep pretty much the same as normal, except it took him about 10-15 minutes longer to fall asleep (we could hear him in there chatting to himself and his animals).


And that was it.  The transition was and has been really anticlimatic and has not interrupted Leo’s normal sleep patterns at all.  He goes to bed great and hasn’t gotten out of bed once.  Hooray!!

Moving out the crib and the changing table meant that baby girl’s room is now ready for her!

kind of a blurry panorama - my apologies
kind of a blurry panorama – my apologies
well-stocked closet thanks to Dave's sister Julie!
well-stocked closet thanks to Dave’s sister Julie!

And Leo’s new room setup, with more access to the windows and his train table out all the time:



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  1. Leo is such a rockstar! It was no big deal for him at all! I was surprised to only see Big Carrot and not all the little Baby Carrots in there 😉

    Yes! That closet is STOCKED! How awesome! 🙂

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