a little more birthday

We did Leo’s big birthday celebrations over the weekend but wanted to do a few special things for him on his actual birthday, too.  First up: mirror clings.  Growing up my mom always put these mirror clings in the bathroom on our birthdays.  We put them on Leo’s window so they could be his height.  He loved seeing them and frequently went over to look at them or tell me about them.


My aunt also gave us this birthday jell-o mold, so last night before bed I quick stirred up some jell-o and shoved it in the fridge to set.  Getting the jell-o out of the mold wasn’t terribly hard (I sprayed it with oil beforehand, then wiped it with a paper towel so it woulnd’t have an oil taste).  A few of them ripped but were easily shoved back together and Leo didn’t care anyway.  He was thrilled with his mid-morning jell-o birthday snack.



The rest of the day was pretty standard, although Leo did get some time at the park with Pa and we hung out in the backyard with the water table and sandbox and swing.  And in the morning when we were running past the fire station the same fireman who gave Leo a tour yesterday morning came out to tell him happy birthday.  It was very sweet!

Last night I also made some applesauce  using apples from the tree in our backyard.  The apples are really small and not that great to eat plain, so we weren’t sure about applesauce, but it turned out great!  I got some frozen and some in the fridge.  Leo really liked watching the process, too!


Do you have any birthday traditions?  Growing up we had the mirror clings, pick-your-own-birthday-dinner, and a shape cake.  We also generally got a box of sugary cereal in addition to our presents – something that mom wouldn’t normally buy (like rice krispy treats cereal or Cap’n Crunch).


4 thoughts on “a little more birthday

  1. Those are such sweet traditions to begin and carry on for your own family! Birthdays were also special in our family — special birthday dinner, either a homemade cake or DQ ice cream cake, a birthday banner (reused — probably from the dollar store!), birthday signs, and balloons. I love the idea of static clings and the Jell-O molds!

  2. I love your traditions 🙂 When my parents lived closer, we’d spend Easter with them, and my mom always had themed window clings for the kids to go crazy with all over her sliding glass doors. They loved it!

    For birthdays here, it’s pick your restaurant meal. Some prefer breakfast, and some dinner, but the birthday kid gets to choose.

    LOVE Leo’s birthday jello! Sounds like you all had a great day 🙂

  3. I love hearing about your birthday traditions and seeing what you did for Leo! The clings are too fun. And the jello 🙂 For our birthdays my grandma usually made some spectacular 3D cake – like, a water park, or a cat. Now she just makes me a boring flat one. LOL!

  4. Awww! Happy birthday, Leo! Love those traditions. We usually just got to pick a place to go out to dinner and because none of us are big cake fans, we usually have birthday brownies. The kids wanted red velvet cake for their 16th a couple weeks ago though and I think the red dye is still coming out of my pores. 🙂

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