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Last week I went to the Mother Runner party with Kimberly and picked up some fun swag.  I’ve been using quite a few of the products and wanted to give my reviews of them!

picture stolen from Kimberly
picture stolen from Kimberly

Nuun: I’ve heard a lot about Nuun so I was excited to try it, although not really sure if my smaller workouts necessitated electrolyte refueling.  But Sunday night I didn’t eat much dinner (I wasn’t hungry) and I didn’t drink enough water during the day (we were moving around a lot).  Monday morning I got up and went for a run and when I came home I felt terrible.  I couldn’t cool down and every time I stood up I felt sick.  I quickly figured out that not eating dinner + dehydration was most likely the culprit.  I dropped a Nuun tablet in my waterbottle and chugged it.  The difference wasn’t immediate but I did feel better much quicker than I expected.  I’m sure just drinking some water helped but I think the electrolytes, etc. in Nuun probably helped expedite the process.  Plus it tasted really delicious.  And now I want to try all the other flavors, too!

SkinFare: We received a little sample tub of SkinFare products as well, which are coconut oil-based.  I’ve had a spot of eczema on my face since the beginning of pregnancy that I haven’t been able to cure, no matter what I put on it.  I decided to try SkinFare.  Within 2 days it was almost gone.  Seriously!  I was really really impressed and will definitely keep using it (and keep it around for other spots that might pop up!).

SofSole socks: I’m not really particular about running socks but I do like these.  They’re really soft but not hot and low-rise but don’t scrunch down and get lost in your shoes.

Nuttzo Seven Nut and Seed Butter: I actually have yet to try this but Dave is definitely loving it.  Leo, however, had a different take.  Dave gave him a small spoonful to try and Leo made a face and said, “poo!”  Not such a fan.  But in this case I’d say Dave’s opinion is probably much more reliable.

We also received some Hyland’s nighttime cough syrup, which I’m looking forward to trying (but not looking forward to the requisite cold).  We’re big fans of Hyland’s products (their teething tablets were awesome for Leo) and love that they’re natural.  And we got some GU and GU Chomps, both of which I like (although I like the texture of GU Chomps more).

What new products have you tried lately?


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  1. So glad you liked the Nuun! I know I had a hard time with the effervescence at first but it’s good. You can always come over and try the flavors I have – fruit punch, orange, watermelon, cherry limeade, grape. OK, I sound crazy. I liked the Nutzo, as well, but I don’t think it has sugar so it could be a bit different.

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