27 weeks, take 2

Oh, weekend, I miss you already.  Ours was a little lazy and a little busy – a nice mix of the two.  My coworker (actually now boss) and his family came up Saturday afternoon and we went to the train museum and then to Taco Time (this fast-food place that looks like it would be on par with Taco Bell but is actually really fresh and super delicious).  Leo had a ball with them and sweetly told them, “bye, new friends” as we were leaving.  Precious.  There was also yard work and laundry and freezing of strawberries ($.99 a pint at Aldi) and blueberry muffin making (some to eat and some to freeze) and grocery shopping and reading and a morning family run and house cleaning.  I’m in the office three days this week (as opposed to the normal one) so I also tried to prep some food for the boys while I’m gone (some hardboiled eggs, cut up strawberries, chili in the crockpot).  

mowin' boys
mowin’ boys

Friday was 27 weeks!

27 weeks
love my nearly-naked accomplice back there.

I’m still feeling really good.  I had my first slight discomfort on a run Saturday – my pelvis felt achy and sore so I pulled up the run and walked home instead.  Sunday I ran again and it felt pretty normal – a little residual muscle soreness but not any sharp pains and not anything that made me concerned for the baby (cramping, etc.).  I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to keep running and I definitely think that keeping my mileage lower (not going much over 4) is key to that.

I’ve been pretty tired this week, but I think that was more due to Leo being sick (up to give medicine), the bat, and then not sleeping so great because of bat paranoia.  I actually fell asleep in church on Sunday and missed almost the entire message.  I’m hoping I looked pregnant enough that I get a pass for that one.  But also, if you’re going to keep the sanctuary dim you cannot fault me for falling asleep.  Maybe.

I’m definitely wanting to get house stuff done, freezer meals made, etc. – I guess you could call it nesting.  It’s mostly manifested itself on our kitchen floor, which I’ve become slightly obsessed with (the floor is NEVER white-sock clean).  I’ve also frozen 24 pints of blueberries ($.99 at Aldi), some strawberries, some muffins, and have a 5 or 6 meals bookmarked to make for the freezer, too.

Baby girl’s room is mostly done, except for moving in Leo’s crib and changing table.  We were going to transition him to the big bed last week but then he was sick.  It will probably be next week, as this week I’m in the office a lot and it’s just a weird week.  We’ll switch him to diaper changes on the floor.  It’ll be nice to not have to heft his 32+ pounds up on the changing table or into the crib!

I’m up 12 pounds right now.  Some weeks I barely gain and then others I’ll gain 2 or 3 at once.  I’ve been feeling like my belly is bigger the past few days and it feels tighter/harder, too.

We’re in the last week of the second trimester now!  Three months to go!

What did you do this weekend?

27 weeks the first time


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