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mother runner date

Awhile back Kimberly posted that she was going to drive to Columbus to a Mother Runner party and asked if anyone wanted to join.  I immediately said yes, not so much because I’m a huge Mother Runner fan (I like them and all, but I haven’t read the books), but mainly because I wanted another roadtrip with Kimberly.  (Also, Kimberly promised good swag from the party.)

So Wednesday night Kimberly and I found ourselves in a running store on the north side of Columbus, facing all our social awkwardness.  The place was full of chattering, busy mother-runner-women.  I love people but crowds and meeting new people are not my forte, so it was pretty much a collision of two things that make me really uncomfortable.  I was so glad I had Kimberly with me, otherwise I would have spent the entire time in a corner texting Dave and spending an awkward-long time perusing the shoe racks.


We laughed, looked at running clothes (sorry, Dave, I did not buy you the $42 split-side shorty shorts that Kimberly wanted me to get you), and waited in line so Dimity and Sarah could both sign Kimberly’s book.  There was some  book readings, some giveaways (we did not win), and a missed opportunity for cookies, and then we were back on the road!

Confession: I fell asleep at 11:30pm when we were still an hour from home.  I do not promise to be an awesome roadtrip companion.  In my defense, I probably have some lingering fatigue from The Night of the Bat Terror.

Confession: Kimberly is a much better roadtrip companion.  She drives and she gifts you with fancy chocolates she bought in Cincinnati.  She also invites you to parties where you get awesome stuff like Nuun, sweat buffs, running socks, fancy nut butter, and GU.

picture stolen from Kimberly
picture stolen from Kimberly

She also sends you on the road with homemade blueberry and chocolate zucchini muffins.  So yeah, she’s pretty much the best travel buddy ever.  (Dave, let’s bring her with us on all our future roadtrips.  She also has mad toddler skills.)


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  1. You are far too kind! I am so glad you volunteered to go on this weird little adventure. I had SO much fun catching up with you, and I can’t wait till the next time.

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