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review: Best Price Nutrition

Recently Best Price Nutrition asked me if they could send me some samples to review.  Some of their products sounded like things we would genuinely use, so I agreed.  About a week later (maybe less – it was fast!) they sent us Garden of Life Raw Protein Vanilla Spiced Chai powder from their plant-based protein products.  Dave actually uses Garden of Life protein powder in his smoothies in the morning, so he was excited to try this.


Dave wasn’t too sure about the Vanilla Spiced Chai flavor but he ended up really liked it – said it was nice and subtle and blended well in smoothies.  While he’s probably more prone to buy vanilla or chocolate flavors, the vanilla chai was pretty good!  In general, Dave is a fan of the Garden of Life Raw Protein powders – finds then blend well in smoothies or with almond milk and have good flavor (not chalky or fake).

Best Price Nutrition also sent us probiotics.


Unfortunately these had an expiration date of May 2012, so we didn’t test them and just threw them out.  We tend to get our cultures from kombucha (I have a post coming up sometime soon about making your own – my sister taught me and it’s really easy!) and raw apple cider vinegar.  We are big believers in active cultures though for healthy digestion and also keeping away sickness.  Dave and I both feel like we’ve been sick less often since we added live cultures to our diet.

So there you have it!


2 thoughts on “review: Best Price Nutrition

  1. You and your good lifestyle! When I grow up, I want to be like you. I might have to try this. I keep toying with the idea of doing a protein powder.

  2. Protein powder is great! I’ll have to keep an eye out for this one next time I’m looking to get a package. I have used their probiotics though (I haven’t tried brewing Kombucha yet), and they were great! Definitely much cheaper than bottles of kombucha every day – I save that for when I’m really feeling like I’m getting sick.

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