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shortened roadtrip

Leo and Dave and I took a roadtrip this weekend about 2.5 hours south to see friends.


Thursday Leo had seemed like he was getting sick but Friday seemed almost entirely better – no longer fussy, not sneezing, not really swiping at his nose anymore.  We still packed the cough syrup but had high hopes for a fun weekend.  We got in to our friends’ house in time for a late dinner, which we ate out on the back patio while Leo ran happily around in the grass and proudly showed off rocks he found.

Friday night Leo woke up 3 different times coughing.  He settled back down each time with a drink and some back rubs.  Saturday morning Dave and Leo and I went for a run on some awesome bike paths.


We got a little turned around and 4 miles turned in to 6, but none of us really minded!  Leo was happy for the whole stroller run but when we got home – dun dun dun – things quickly disintegrated.  Suddenly Leo was really fussy and miserable and clearly not feeling well again.  Dave took Leo for a long walk while I headed out to a 50% off Goodwill sale with our friends.  

I totally scored at Goodwill and found quite a few things for Leo for this fall and winter in the next size up (he’s in 2T now but quickly outgrowing it).



5 pairs of pants and 4 shirts/sweatshirts for $10.70!  I’m super excited about the finds and know Leo is going to look so stinkin cute in them!  I tend to not do much Goodwill shopping, as it feels really overwhelming to me, but shopping for Leo was surprisingly fun.  I’d definitely do it again.  Plus, all those clothes for such a great price is definitely encouraging, too!

After Goodwill we swung by the farmer’s market and then over to the park to pick up Dave and Leo.  By this time Leo had started wheezing, so Dave and I knew we needed the nebulizer.  We decided to see if Leo would take a good nap at the house, pack up, and then head home.  We initially had planned to stay the whole weekend but with Leo feeling crummy we knew the night would probably be rough for him.  Plus, we knew we needed the nebulizer for him.

Leo took a great nap – 3 hours – which gave Dave and I time for lunch, packing the car, and to sit and hang out with our friends.

When Leo got up we immediately packed him in to the car and said our goodbyes.  I decided to sit in the back with Leo, since he’s very needy of physical contact when he’s feeling sick.  We held hands the whole way home and even took a nap together.  Once at home we immediately started nebulizer treatments, which had a fast effect on Leo.  He actually played a little before bed and smiled and laughed, which was a welcome sight.

The rest of the weekend we kept up on the nebulizer treatments, went for walks, and tried to get Leo to eat and drink when he would (we suspect he has a sore throat, too).  We had moments when he was clearly miserable and moments (after nebulizer treatments and Tylenol) when he was happy and playful.  Plus lots of snuggling on the couch together, too.  We’re sad we had to leave our friends early but glad we got some time with them at least (and thankfully it wasn’t a longer drive!).

Oh yes, Friday was also 26 weeks!

26 weeks

We had a midwife appointment Friday morning.  I was measuring a little small, but the midwife said it could have just been how baby girl was laying, so she wasn’t overly concerned.  Plus, I’m gaining weight and visibly looking bigger, so it’s clear growth is happening.  We’ll keep an eye on it and check again at the next appointment.  I’m almost 6 months pregnant and out of the second trimester.  Crazy!


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