plugging away

Leo is having a rough time.  Yesterday he started sneezing a lot and rubbing his nose and complaining that his eyes and nose and mouth were itchy.  That was my first clue that a cold might be coming on.  The second was when he cried and cried going down for his nap – which just about never happens anymore.  I finally had to let him cry it out so that he would sleep – no chance he would go down with me in there holding him – and it was really hard.  I’m not used to letting him cry anymore!  The nap was shortlived though – he was up a mere 30 minutes later crying and miserable.  We moved ourselves outside to find distraction.

My coworker recently gave me this water table that she didn’t want and so I quick set it up for Leo and let him go crazy.


He loved it and immediately set to work putting in rocks, cars, trucks, dirt, and sand.  This led to 1) being stripped to his diaper and 2) achieving a nice dirt ‘stache.


Outside really helped kill some time and Leo was happy to play between the water table, his basketball hoop, the sandbox, and his swing.  Afterwards we took the water party inside, straight to the bathtub.  Here Leo worked on his newest gag: farting in the tub.  He thinks it is SO funny, especially when it makes noise on the tub.  I try not to laugh and make him say “excuse me” still.

After the bath I wondered how he would stay happy for the rest of the afternoon.  And then I checked the mail and salvation had arrived!  My cousin Wendy generously sent us a big box of toys that her son had outgrown.  Suddenly Leo had a bunch of new cars, trains, trucks, books, etc. to play with!  He was so happy and played really well for quite awhile!


Around 4:15pm things started going downhill so I got productive and creative and busted out the sweeper.  Leo actually loves the sweeper and runs around happily while I do it.  It killed another 40 minutes, kept him happy, and I got the whole house sweepered!

After that it was dinner and cleaning up and reading books and getting ready for bed.  I gave Leo a dose of cough syrup with melatonin (the Zarbee’s nighttime syrup) to help him sleep.  His nose is all congested so I’m sure laying down feels terrible and getting him to sleep took about an hour (and numerous visits to his room to lay on the big bed with him).  Poor friend.  Here’s hoping today goes okay and he’s feeling better!


4 thoughts on “plugging away

  1. Aw 😦 I hope he feels better soon! My daughters preschool teacher told us to put Vicks lotion on the bottom of her feet and then put socks over it. I do it before naps and before bedtime and it works like a charm! Clears the stuffys right up 🙂

  2. I hope he feels better now! (since I am WAY behind on reading)

    So, wait. Are we not supposed to fart in the tub anymore?!

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