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Truth: I have two pairs of running shorts.  Okay, I have more than two, but I really only wear two pairs because they’re the only ones that are completely comfortable, don’t ride up, and don’t chafe.  Two pairs of good shorts is really great, but here’s a couple problems:

  1. I bought them when I was in college (maybe a sophomore?) so they’re at least 6 or 7 years old now.  They’re actually holding up really well for being so old and so used, but I always worry they’re going to bite it one day.
  2. Because they’re so old, they’re also way too big for me.  I have drawstrings in them but if the drawstring falls out they have no chance of staying up on their own.  The drawstring actually did get lost inside the waistband during a race once, but luckily I had a longsleeve shirt I could tie around to help keep them up.
  3. I only have two pairs.  I run 5 to 6 days a week each week, which means either a lot of laundry or I’m wearing shorts that really aren’t that comfortable or chafe.  Not great.

I’ve been looking for new running shorts for a few years now but haven’t found any I like that are comfortable, don’t ride up, and don’t chafe.  I have yet to find a single pair (seriously!).  A week or so ago Kimberly posted that she scored a great deal on some Gap running shorts in store – about $9 each.  I immediately jumped online and grabbed up a few pairs to try.  I tried two different shorts but one completely won me over.  Bonus: they were only $11!

I’ve been wearing these GapFit gStride Sprint shorts and I love them!  They’re incredibly lightweight and soft and fit well.  They’re one layer of mesh, so they’re super breathable but not see-through  The inseam is shorter than I’m used to (2.5 inches) but they don’t ride up at all when I’m running and I’ve had no chafing problems.  I actually bought another pair to have on hand as well!  Soon I might actually have four pairs of running shorts to choose from!

Do you have a hard time finding good running clothes? 


4 thoughts on “new shorts

  1. I am glad you found more shorts that you like, but four pairs is seriously not enough for the number of times you run each week! Get some more!

    I am a little bit like you in that I am picky and only like certain types. I used to wear Nike Tempo shorts only, but I have since branched out and discovered that I like a style of Under Armour shorts better. I am trying hard to like the pair from Lululemon that Scott bought me as a gift but they don’t fit as I like them. My “problem” for running clothes is that Scott generously gave me a very large lulu gift card for mother’s day and every time I go into the store I can’t find things that fit well. How does the entire country go nuts for lulu and I can’t even find one top/bottom that I care for?

  2. I feel like I should get a commission! I am so glad you found a pair of shorts you like as I remember chatting about your old college shorts. I wear any and all shorts though I do like some more than others. I enjoy the Oiselle Rogas, Nike Tempo and Moving Comfort Momentum. Compression/bike shorts are always good, too.

  3. I battle with the same problem . I tend to go for Nike Dri-Fit leggings now because I get so annoyed with shorts riding up like they do, but it’s awful to run in leggings in summer when it gets hot so early in the day!

  4. I agree with Kate – how in the world do we run without shorts riding? I always wear capri-type exercise pants and lately have liked wearing leggings (maternity…but still leggings) – they are so thin and I barely notice them!
    However, I’d love to wear shorts…I may try your recommendation!
    Also – I FINALLY found a maternity activewear tank at GAP last week! Bought, fits great, but haven’t run in it yet…

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