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Yesterday afternoon my parents arrived for a visit!  They got in around 4:30pm and we had a whirlwind evening with them – skillet vegetable lasagna, the 5k trail race for Dave and I, home to throw Leo in bed, ice cream, talking and laundry, and then sleep!

I don’t have any pictures (yet), but we’ve had such a good time.  They came with us to the 5k to hang out with Leo so Dave and I could run.  Leo loved having his Oma and Opa there to play with him.  They chased him, let him throw rocks (Opa even ventured down into the riverbed to get Leo the bigger rocks), and helped him find pinecones.  Leo came back to the house dirty, sweaty, sticky with sap, tired, and super happy.  We washed his hands with soap and then nail polish remover (luckily Oma knows the tricks for getting sap off hands) and then more soap and then pajamed him and put him to bed with dirty toes and a sweaty head.

Dave and I had a great time doing the 5k.  It was Dave’s first time running it and instead of running it as fast as he could, he opted to run with me instead (he’s a good man).  I loved having him along and he definitely helped push my pace, too.  It was a cooler night as well, which definitely helped.  We finished in 28:16, a 9:07 pace!

My parents are here until Thursday, so tomorrow I’m off work so we can all hang out.  And my sister Jill arrives tomorrow, too!  I love this week!


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  1. DANG! Nice pace, speedy! And what a fun time! I will have to keep that trick in mind in case I ever get sap on me. LOL!

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