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Our normal morning running route swings past the college track.  Last Friday we were having a family run (actually by coincidence – Dave let me sleep in and then I ran in to him and Leo when I was out running) and Dave suggested we let Leo loose on the track to see what he could do.  He loved running between Dave and I and gave continual commentary of “Ma race!  Pa race!  Whoa fast!”  He ran the first three laps pretty continuously, stopping just briefly to point to the numbers on the track, the blue line, or a plane in the sky before taking off again.  The last lap was a little slower and at about 2oom to go he stopped to sit down and throw some rocks.  Still, he finished the whole mile in about 15 minutes!  Pretty impressive for not-quite two!

On Sunday I stopped by the track again to let him run.  He did two laps before we hopped back in to the stroller.  I don’t think we’ll do track runs every morning, but it’s fun to do and Leo seems to really enjoy it.  You would think a half mile or at least a whole mile would wear him out but no, he still had plenty of energy the rest of the morning.

It’s also good to know post-baby when I’m marathon training again I could bring Leo to the track when I do yasso 800s – I bet he would love to run around with me!  And let’s face it, a toddler running would totally make circling the track less boring and soul-sucking.


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