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24 weeks

24 weeks

Movement: baby girl moves fairly often, but seems more mellow than Leo (or at least if I remember correctly).  She kicks but it’s just a few times and then she settles down.  Since I’m more active this pregnancy (chasing a toddler will do that) it could be that she moves more and I don’t feel it, but overall I think is just a little more calm.  We’ll see if that proves true once she’s here!

Running: Still going strong!  I had to stop running at 25 weeks with Leo because my sacroiliac joint was in serious pain.  This past week I’ve noticed that same spot twingeing sometimes as I run – not painful, but I’m just… aware of my pelvis, if that makes sense.  Some runs I feel it more than others and some runs I don’t feel it at all, so we’ll see!

Energy: I’ve been more tired this past week, which definitely could be due to the crazy heat (on that note: ohmygosh I think I get 40x sweatier when I’m pregnant, so I’m a real beauty lately).  Or baby girl could be having a growth spurt.  It’s not terrible and I’m not as tired as I was in the first trimester, but I can feel it for sure.  Thankfully Leo has been sleeping later and happy to stay in his crib longer, which gives me some extra time in the mornings to rest.

Preparations: I checked our information from the midwife and she’s due for a home visit when I’m at 30 weeks to see our space.  We’ll also need to have our supplies gathered by then, so I’ll need to grab a few items before she comes.  I also need to call insurance (again) to bug them.  We requested to be granted in-network approval for our midwife and homebirth and are still waiting to hear if it’s been given (our midwife’s office said it often takes a loooong time for them to respond).  We need to know by 28 weeks what payments to start making, so I need to call and push them along.  Again.  Automated phone menus for the win!

I don’t know if this qualifies as “nesting” so much as me just having a continual vendetta against our kitchen floor.  It is never clean.  NEVER.  I can sweeper it and steam mop it and it still comes up dirty on socks.  So on Saturday night I went crazy on it.  Dave was out of town so as soon as Leo was down I started scrubbing the whole floor with a rough scrub brush and Bar Keeper’s Friend.  I wiped the floor off with a towel after that, just to pick up any residual powder.  After that I mopped it with dish soap.  Then mopped it again with hot vinegar water (high in vinegar).  And finally I steam mopped it three times.  The whole process took me a little over an hour, which wasn’t too bad.  When I finished I wore a pair of white socks as I cleaned up and I they didn’t get dirty, so I maybe can say it’s finally clean?  We’ll see though.  I swear that linoleum is holding layers of dirt from whenever it was first installed.  In any case, it’s cleaner, which is still something.

finally clean?! HALLELUJAH
finally clean?! HALLELUJAH

Food: With the combination of heat and pregnancy I’ve had the WORST time figuring out dinner for us.  Nothing sounds good and turning on the oven just sounds… sweaty.  Once it’s made I’m totally fine eating it, but coming up with ideas is difficult.

Name: She has one!  We didn’t share Leo’s name until after he was born but we wanted to share baby girl’s name early this time.  We’ve told family and close friends but haven’t made a broad announcement about it (how’s that for leaving you hanging?!).

24 weeks the first time


5 thoughts on “24 weeks

  1. So happy I found your blog! You look great!! It’s awesome that you are still running so much and feeling good. Hope that little girl stays in a good spot so you can continue.

    I too was exhausted last week! I took naps everyday and just felt so wiped. I think the heat plays a big part in it. It seemed like everyone was more tired and crabby than usual. I’m glad it’s going to be a tad cooler this week.

    Ugh… Dinner. I haven’t felt like eating anything either. I finally just told my hubs to make whatever he wanted and if I just couldn’t stomach it, I’d eat a bowl of cereal. Besides cheese and cereal, nothing sounds good.

    I can’t wait to hear your name! We never shared ours until after they were born. I just didn’t want to hear anyone’s opinion on it. Is that why you kept Leo’s a secret?

  2. For reals?! I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR IT! So exciting 🙂
    Also – I have hated trying to come up with dinner ideas this summer too – I recently made a lunch list and dinner list of like 10 things on each that I can keep all the ingredients for (they are all similar). So that I never have that issue of not having something that would make the ONLY dish I am willing to spend time on…it has helped!

    Can’t wait for the name post………

  3. that’s awesome you’re doing the midwife/home birth gig. midwives and the Bradley method are taking over with a lot of my friends . . . I’m glad there’s a pull away from over-medicating and cut-eagar (C-sections) methods. You look great! I hope you run while pregnant like you! you will have to be my coach. ha

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