a day in the life: 23 months

We’re one month away from TWO!

You’re all little boy, all the time, active and chatting and dirty and sweaty and full of ideas.  You are bold and unafraid about some things (you just take off running, you’re not intimidated by new places or people, you fearlessly jump and throw yourself around), but are really cautious and scared of loud noises.  This creates a love/terrified relationship with trains, fire trucks, ambulances, etc. and also led to the decision to forego all parades this year.

You typically wake up around 5am and stay talking in your crib til 5:30 or 5:40am.  Then it’s up and off for a stroller run!  You still love stroller runs and even though sometimes you ask to walk, you haven’t had a meltdown lately where I’ve had to carry you (thank goodness).  You love to tell me, “go go!” and “fast!”

Lunch is at 11am and then nap from 12-2:30pm (sometimes longer!).  Dinner at 5pm and bed at 6:30pm.  You are amazing at going to sleep for both naps and bedtime.  We put you down and tell you night night and we love you and walk out.  It is incredibly rare for you to fuss or for us to have to go back in.  99% of the time you just go to sleep on your own.

Snuggled up with Mr. Carrots and your best friend, Dog. Also, you’re enormous in that crib now.

You still love Barney, but you also like Dinosaur Train and Dora.  You’re enamored with Barney’s toes and you’ve started trying to “sing” along to the music, which is just saying the last word of the line a beat after it’s sung.

focused on Barney

I often hear you counting on your own.  Typically you say, “four five six nine ten hooray!”  So you’re missing some in there, but still!  You know your colors except purple (you always call it blue) and love to point them out wherever we go.

As a special treat you sometimes get to watch Pa play Mario Cart and you LOVE it.  We actually have to really limit it because you get very serious and obsessed and can throw a fit if the next race doesn’t start fast enough.  But man, when you’re watching you are in pure heaven.


You still love throwing rocks into water and lately we’ve filled up a big 5 gallon bucket of water and set it on the back patio.  You’re happy finding things to throw in the water, scooping up water and carrying it various places, bringing sand from the sandbox to dump in, etc.  Meanwhile, I sit in the shade and get work done on my laptop.  Everyone wins!  Afterwards we do a wash-off in the kitchen sink, which you love.  You’re big into washing your hands with soap right now.

Your favorite foods are grapes, nectarines, fruit snacks, and granola bars.  You love pbj but eat the middle and leave the crusts.  Since Pa introduced you to ice water you’re all about “cold drink!” and request it all the time.  You love noodles.  You ask for cheese but you’re weird about it and will only eat it if it’s cut into small bites.  You also have this really charming habit of spitting out your last bite of food when you’re done.  We’ve been fighting with you on this for a couple months – no spitting! – but it still happens frequently.

We’ve been cracking down on listening and not fussing lately.  We know you don’t do these out of a bad heart, but we want to nip it in the bud while you’re young.  So there’s been more timeouts and stern voices, but we’ve already noticed a difference, which is encouraging.

I think we’ll try moving you to the big bed soon.  I feel like you’re ready for it and would also respond to discipline about staying in bed.  We were going to wait until September or October, but I’m feeling like it could work now, so maybe we’ll go for it soon!  You’re also able to climb up on to the bed yourself now, which is helpful, too.

Speaking of doing things by yourself, you love to say “try self!” or “by self!”  You don’t really mind if we help you, but it’s fun to see what you like to do on your own.  You like to get in the stroller by yourself and to try to get in the carseat on your own (sometimes you get stuck).  The carseat is especially helpful because 1) you’re heavy and 2) it’s awkward getting you in there now that you’re so tall.

I could go on and on about you.  You’re growing SO fast and learning SO quickly and are really just a lot of fun.  You make us laugh every day and astound us with how darn precious you are.  While sometimes you’re exhausting we really just adore being your parents and getting to hang out with you every day!


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  1. “We actually have to really limit it because you get very serious and obsessed and can throw a fit if the next race doesn’t start fast enough.”

    Wait…which one of us are you talking about here?? 😉

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