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new shoes and sweatball 5k

For the past 2 weeks or so I’ve been running in new shoes.  Not just new shoes, but a whole new model of shoe!  For the past 7 years I have worn Brooks Adrenaline GTS and loved them.  I’ve not had a single injury, I’ve ran well, and I’ve felt great.  I would sometimes look at other shoes with a little longing, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that my Adrenalines have never treated me wrong.  Still, earlier this year I did some reading and learned that the Brooks Ravennas are very similar to the Adrenalines, but with slightly less support and are lighter overall.  I found a great sale on a pair ($70!) and decided to try it, knowing if I felt even a twinge of injury I could switch back to the Adrenalines.

I figured the differences between the two shoes would be subtle, but I was really surprised at how obviously lighter and less chunky the Ravennas are, at least when I’m holding the two.  When I’m running I don’t notice a huge difference.  They feel a little different but it’s not like I’m suddenly flying along because my shoes are an ounce lighter (or whatever the difference is).  Still, it’s nice to branch out and I like knowing I can wear a slightly less supportive shoe.  I’m hoping that means my feet will get stronger since they’ll have less shoe working for them.  And so far I haven’t felt any injuries or tweaks, so I’ve been happy to wear them every day.


Last night I got out of work a little early since the internet was down, so I got home in time to run the Tuesday night trail 5k.  I texted the midwife before the race to doublecheck that it was okay for me to run in the heat and she said yes, since she trusted I knew my limits.  I kept my pace moderate and carried a handheld bottle of water so I could keep cooler by drinking.  In the last mile I slowed a little since I had a side-stitch, but it was definitely just an old-fashioned side-stitch and not anything baby related.  I finished in 30:16, which broke my sub-30 streak, but I was pretty much expecting that given it was 91 degrees outside!

I was late taking a picture this week so here’s 23 weeks (and 4 days) in sweaty, drippy glory!


What kind of shoe do you run in?  Do you bounce between models or are you faithful to one?


3 thoughts on “new shoes and sweatball 5k

  1. Man! 30:16 in the heat! And pregnant?! You rock!

    I would like to do the same as you and try other shoes in the Asics line. I wear the Cumulus but know there is a version that is lighter. At the same time, the Cumulus works SO well for me. Hee hee. I am nervous. I should follow your lead! I did randomly order a pair of the trail version of my shoe, without ever trying it on, and it works great, so at least I know the shoe family is a good fit for me!

  2. We’re shoe twins!!! And where did you find them for $70, may I ask. I’m at 300 miles in mine.

    And how did you run 30:16 in the heat with that gorgeous bump? I’m tired looking at you. But you rock nonetheless.

  3. That is great that you are continuing to run through your pregnancy. I also am still running (28 weeks)….I have always worn asics for my shoes, but I heard Brooks are great!

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