from the mouth of Leo

Leo had quite a few funny sayings this weekend that I wanted to write down to remember!

  • On our way to Pennsylvania I looked back and saw Leo obviously working hard on some business.  I looked back at him and he solemnly explained, “slow poo.”
  • For an unknown reason Leo became obsessed with my sister’s toes and spent much of the weekend (honestly at least every five minutes but often way more) saying “Kelly’s toes!”  He also woke up talking about her toes in his crib.  Crazy kid.
  • At one point Kelly and I were sitting on the couch talking and Leo walked over, picked up my hand, put his water bottle into it, looked at me, and said, “more ice.”  Then he walked over to the freezer to wait for me.
  • On Sunday Leo was playing in the stream and he would throw rocks out onto the bank, all the while exclaiming in a very concerned voice, “Oh no!  Oh no!  Big mess!”  Then he would climb out and throw them back in.  He uses this same voice when he aggressively crashes his cars together (he sounds upset and like he’s not enjoying it but apparently it’s part of his play).
  • After his time in the stream Leo’s diaper was really wet and heavy, so we took it off and let him run naked.  Kelly and Keegan have a plastic baby swing for Astrid, so we put Leo in it.  The first minute or so he just stared down, confused and in wonder, saying, “Penis swing?!  Penis swing?!”

5 thoughts on “from the mouth of Leo

  1. HA! Those are all so cute! That’s awesome that you are writing them down. I try to do that with each of my kids because I forget it all even if I think I’d never forget something like that! Way to go!

  2. Yes. To all of this. Made me smile on this muggy day – especially the penis swing. I can only imagine what Leo and Miles would chat about. The other day, we were in the car and he said his penis was sticking out!

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