22 weeks

The weeks are ticking by!

22 weeks

I’m definitely getting bigger but I think it’s slowed down.  I felt like I popped pretty early (typical with subsequent pregnancies) and now I’m slowing down and evening out.  I think I’m carrying lower this time, too, as compared to last time:


I tend to feel most movement pretty low down.  She gets especially active when I drink water. With Leo I never really felt like he pushed on my bladder that much but I definitely do way more with baby girl.  So far it hasn’t interfered with running – most of the time I know I don’t really have to go – but we’ll see as she gets bigger.  

Dave finally got to feel her move last night.  She tends to stop moving as soon as he tries to feel, so I was really glad she finally gave him a kick.

I haven’t had any huge food cravings or aversions lately.  Well, over a week ago I made a lemon/olive oil pasta sauce that I could not eat.  The smell alone had me feeling gross but I one bite and I knew there was no way I was eating that dinner.  Salads still don’t sound good but I could choke one down if I had to.  Love fruit and cheese and crackers.  Also marshmallows and cookies.

I feel like the weeks are passing slowly, but I’m terrible at being patient and waiting.  I also know November will be here before we know it.  Can’t wait to meet this little girl!


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  1. Aww, that is great Dave got to feel a kick! 🙂

    I ran with a friend this morning who just got to the second trimester and she kept saying how “low” the baby feels!

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