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july 4 race

On Wednesday we found out Dave was going to be out of town for July 4, so I hopped on the computer and found a local race for Leo with 3.3 or 8 mile options.  Bonus: $15 day of registration and only 15ish minutes away.

Thursday morning Leo slept in til 5:30am.  I thought about going for a run before our race, but decided to just lay low with some decaf and my boy.  We left the house a little before 7 and hit up the bank ATM (I never have cash on me anymore) and then drove down.  The race had a couple hundred people and was laid-back and very small-town feel.  There was also a playground at the start/finish, so after we registered Leo got some playtime before it was time to run.  The hardest part was knowing how to use the port-o-potty with Leo in tow.  I ended up finding one on the end and parking the stroller next to it, then asking another mom if she wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on the stroller.  I wasn’t really worried about anyone stealing Leo, but it’s still weird to let your toddler out of your sight in a public place.

ready to race!
ready to race!

I lined up in the back since I had the stroller, but ended up fencing myself in for the first 50 yards or so, since a lot of people were walking.  The course was actually fairly hilly and wasn’t marked at all, so I have no idea how the leaders knew where to go (I just followed the group).  It ran past a golf course and through a neighborhood and then hooked back in toward the park where we started.  Leo was happy to run and played the role of course monitor and coach, telling me “Big hill!  Fast!  Race!  That way!” as we went along.  People seemed to get a kick out of seeing him, too.

The race wasn’t chip timed, so it’s a little hard to know what I ran.  At the finish they told me 31:52, but I had 31:00 on my watch (I waited to start my watch at the start line) and I think that is probably more accurate.  Either way, it was a lot of fun and I’m happy with sub-10 minute miles, especially given the hills!  After the race there were bananas, water, and apples.  Leo and I spent about an hour on the playground before we packed up for home.

I’d definitely do this race again.  Low entry fee and laid-back, which is what I look for in smaller races (10K or less).  And I got a new shirt!


Did you run yesterday?


2 thoughts on “july 4 race

  1. You’re so adventurous 🙂 I love it!
    We slept in, ate an enormous breakfast and then took the kids and dog on a walk on the greenway while Joel mowed…we let Mylin stay up and watch her first firework show before a REALLY late night to bed – but it was a fun day!

  2. Ahhh! Awesome orange shirt!

    How nice of that other mom to watch Leo for a bit!!! And it sounds like he was a lot of fun on the course! Hee hee! Way to go!

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