21 weeks

21 weeks

21 weeks (and new shorty short short haircut!).  Feeling good – I’ve had normal amounts of energy and been sleeping well.  Baby girl is kicking and moving around more and more, although so far she still seems more mellow than Leo (at least from what I remember of his movements).

Normally Leo photobombs my pictures, but this time he was too busy doing this on the couch next to me:

It’s his personal trampoline.

21 weeks the first time


5 thoughts on “21 weeks

  1. Oh my gosh! Look at Leo move! So, he is not afraid of thunder?!

    I was going to say, I like the new shorty short short haircut!

  2. Belly! You are more gorgeous than ever.

    We need to get L & M together. Miles is a climbing jumping fiend. They can wear themselves out together!

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