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zucchini dinners

We’ve had two fabulous zucchini dinners lately that I wanted to share.

First up, zucchini cakes.  I doubled this recipe and used half parmesan, half nutritional yeast.  Dave was on the fence about them but Leo and I liked them a lot!  (Thanks, Emily, for the recipe!)

zucchini cakes with corn on the cob = perfect summer dinner
zucchini cakes with corn on the cob = perfect summer dinner

Next up: cheesy zucchini rice.  This one was crazy easy, especially because I did the rice (I used brown) in the rice cooker, then came back in and dumped the shredded zuc, cheese, and a little milk and let it warm up together.  It was a one-pot meal, about 3 minutes of prep time, and really delicious.  I would double the recipe next time and I add a box of chopped broccoli as well (we had our broccoli on the side this time).  I already pinned this to my favorite recipes board on Pinterest because I knew it would be a great one post-baby.  Easy prep, packing in the veggies.  Winning!

What have you been eating lately?  Any good recipes to share?


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  1. Yum yum yum! Both of those sound so good! We made some new recipes this week for Fake Meats – a “ham” and cheese sandwich and a pasta dish with broccoli and “chicken” 🙂

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