day off

I had one last vacation day to use before the end of the year (we get new days starting July 1), so I took off yesterday.  Here’s a little of what I did:

I started off the morning with a solo run, sans stroller.  I came in at 38:20, which is about 2-4 minutes faster than when I run with the stroller.  I came home and watched a little West Wing  – I’m thisclose to finishing the whole show (for the second time).  Then I ventured out to Aldi and Walmart – by myself!


Then I headed out to Target to return something and buy two new sports bras (black and white – the color options were terrible).  And after that, lunch at Panera!


I hung out with Dave and Leo in the afternoon (ice cream might have been involved).  And then I ran the Tuesday night trail 5k!

end of the day big belly

I finished in 29:53, which is 40 seconds slower than last week, but it was 88 degrees and crazy humid.  I’m happy I’m still sub-30 (barely!).

It was a great day and so nice to relax, catch up on some things, get out on my own, and have no responsibilities!

Mosie, for her part, just tried to stay cool.



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  1. Totally hooked on WW. I’m only in the 2nd season . . . And Target! wahoo! I need to go but am waiting to go without the Hubs. hehehe

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