a day in the life: 22 months

New things you’re learning: You can count to ten with help, but if I say “one” you will say “two, three, four, five, six, nine, ten.”  You’re also learning colors.  They’re still pretty tricky for you but you definitely know green (your wake-up light) and orange (your favorite car and Mr. Carrot) and blue (your second favorite car).  The other day as we walked past the library you said “bary!”  You also say “Egg!  Share!” whenever you see Mosie (or actually any cat) because you know most of the time she only comes around you when you’re having a hard boiled egg and she wants some of the yolk.  You’re saying a lot of two word phrases – every day you add another one and generally you come up with it on your own.  You’ve started to sometimes say three words – I can tell you’re trying to communicate your thoughts.  The other morning you said, “Ma moon shirt,” talking about the moon on my tshirt.  I feel like every week I see a big jump in your verbal skills right now, which is really fun to watch!

You’re not really learning this, but the other day I spied the edge of a molar that had popped through on the bottom.  I can’t quite see the rest of your mouth to tell if any others have come in and there’s no way I’m putting a finger in there!

All about: Transportation.  You can’t get enough trains, cars, buses, trucks, and planes.  Every time a train blows its whistle (and that’s pretty often) you say “See!  See!” whether we’re inside or outside, near the tracks or not.  At home you’re all about playing with your cars and trucks and buses.  Sometimes you play with balls and puzzles but most of the time it’s things that go!  You still ask “train why?” about why trains blow their whistles loudly – you ask me this question no less than 10 times a day (sometimes maybe closer to 50).

your happiest morning: when we found the race car cart at Kroger
your happiest morning: when we found the race car cart at Kroger

Favorite foods: Crackers (“tracks!”), peas, applesauce, peaches, fruit snacks (“root snacks!”), berries, green smoothies (“smoo!”), cheese, cereal with milk, and pbj.  While you’re not quite as adventurous as you once were, you are very good about trying foods at least once.  You tend to front-load your eating for the day, taking in a lot from morning through lunch, but then not eating as much in the afternoon and evening.

Favorite things to do: Be outside.  Stroller walks, throwing rocks, playing in the dirt/sand/water, playing with cars/trucks/buses/trains, going on the swings and slide, seeing trains, having Pa chase you, taking a bath (favorite toys: funnel, cup, scoop, washcloth), running around in just your diaper.

you could do this for hours and hours on end
you could do this for hours and hours on end

Sleeping: You go to bed at 6:30pm and wake up around 4:30am (last week you woke up at 5:30 three mornings in a row and man, I hoped that was a new habit but so far, no dice).  You play very happily in your crib until the light turns green at 5 – we can hear you chatting to yourself and Mr. Carrot and Dog as you lay there.  It’s super cute to listen to and to pick out words (one morning you woke up shouting “Barney!”).  You take a nap at noon and generally sleep 2.5 hours – sometimes even more!  When you wake up (in the morning and after naps) you like if we come in and sit on the floor in front of your crib.  You hand us Mr. Carrots to jump off the edge of the crib or slide down the rungs.  You jump on your mattress and catch serious air.  Just recently you’ve started telling me “not pants” when I come to get you, meaning you don’t want to change pants (diaper) but just get down and play.  Before you go to bed at night we read the bible, pray, give hugs and kisses, and then sing Jesus Loves You while we tickle you like crazy.  You laugh like a wild man and at the end say “more Jesus!” except it sounds like “more cheese!”  We also have to talk about the day and what happened or you generally boycott sleep until I come in and sit with you and do it!  As such, we’ve worked it in with the bedtime routine, between prayers and Jesus Loves You.

I say it every month but you’re just so much fun, Leo!  We really love being around you and hanging out with you.  You’re funny and a ball of energy, but you’ll also snuggle in our laps for a book or a show.  You’re affectionate and silly and a little crazy, but you’re not ornery or mischievous.  We can leave you playing downstairs and go upstairs and know you’re fine, that you won’t get in to anything you shouldn’t.  You’re a man of routine, which works well for us, since we like schedules, too!  We’re grateful for all the ways you challenge us and for how much you love us, even when we’ve had bad days and have been short or impatient with you.  Your little sister is so lucky to have you as a big brother and friend.  Love you, Mr. Gus.


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