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20 weeks, take 2!

20 weeks!

I love Leo's photobomb.  He's intently watching Barney... nearly naked, naturally.  That's how we roll in the mornings around here.
I love Leo’s photobomb. He’s intently watching Barney… nearly naked, naturally. That’s how we roll in the mornings around here.

Movement: definitely feeling baby kicks and thumps – mostly internal but if I happen to have my hand on the right spot when I’m laying down I can feel them on the outside, too.  Baby movement is my favorite thing about pregnancy (other than the baby at the end!) so I’m pretty stoked to be feeling her move.

Running: I’ve been feeling really good.  I’m down to 4 miles a day, but still 5-6 times a week.  If I were without the stroller I could probably do 5 or 6, but by 4 I feel like I got a good workout but haven’t exhausted myself.  My pace is about 10:30 with the stroller – slower on humid days – and 9:30 without.  I also take Leo for a few walks here and there throughout the day, normally, to help break things up.

On Tuesday I got home from work in time to do the 5K trail race at the park.  I finished in 29:09, which I was happy with (25 seconds slower than when I did it 2 weeks ago, but it was much warmer this time).  I realized that I’ll see the same people at that trail race but while they’re paces will be improving (or staying the same), mine will be getting slower.  So I have to mentally adjust to not expect to hang with the same people every race.

Sleeping: My sleeping last week was horrible – I think I went five nights where I woke up at 1:30 or 2am and was awake for 2 hours or more.  Horrible.  If I wait to take melatonin until I wake up, I’m afraid it will make me super groggy in the morning (since I get up at 4:45am).  The past few nights I’ve slept much better, so hopefully it was just a passing phase.

Preparations: The room is rearranged so it’s ready for the crib and changing table when we move them out of Leo’s room later on.  Still need to hang pictures (and get some pictures), and pick up a bed frame from my brother, but pretty much have everything.  Here’s how it looks so far:

the crib and changing table will go to the right of the door on the wall you can’t see

We’ve also got a ton of baby clothes ready for little girl!  Dave’s sister generously gave us a bunch of supercute girl clothes (they have 2 girls) and my sister Kelly has some girl clothes to share as well.

We have enough cloth diapers to handle both Leo and baby if needed, but I must admit I’ve been eyeing some of the really cute girly diapers (fun purples and pinks and turquoises).  Plus a few more might make for less frequent laundering.  Yesterday my cousins also offered us their Trek double jogging trailer, so we’ll have that, too!  When we had Leo people blessed us with so much stuff and we were so in awe and appreciative… but to be receiving the same generosity the second time is just incredible and so so amazing.

Midwife: With Leo we used our family doctor and birthed at the hospital.  We had a really good experience and are very supportive of hospital births.  They were really sweet and accomodating, friendly, respectful, and I never felt pushed in any direction I didn’t want.  In fact, Leo didn’t really nurse much the first 24 hours because he had swallowed fluid and they never raised an eyebrow or even talked about starting formula.  I was really grateful for it!

However, Dave and I have always been open to the idea of a birth center or home birth.  We had talked about using the birth center with Leo but since it was my first delivery I felt better using the hospital since I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But Leo’s birth definitely gave me confidence that I could be ok outside the hospital.  We thought about a birth center but then my sister recently did a home birth and Dave and I talked about it, did some research, and decided to go for it!

So instead of our family doctor we’ve been meeting with a midwife.  She’s a registered nurse midwife, a registered nurse, formerly worked in the natal unit of the hospital, and has a lot of experience (including birthing Amish babies without electricity!).  And we will be birthing at home, for all intents and purposes.  Should we need to go to the hospital, it’s literally a mile from our house (which also gave us confidence in choosing a home birth).  I’ll definitely have more to talk about as we prepare our house for the home birth – what we do with Leo, what supplies we gather, etc.

But a home birth does NOT mean a water birth.  Totally fine if you like water births but I can barely put my hands in dirty dishwater and a water birth just sounds like it would have a lot of floaties that I could not deal with.  Eeek.

Can’t believe we’re halfway already – and we’re having a GIRL (it’s still a little crazy to wrap my head around!)!

20 weeks the first go-round


5 thoughts on “20 weeks, take 2!

  1. FINALLY someone else who agrees with me on the whole floaties issue! We were randomly talking about home vs. water vs. hospital births the other day at work and I was adamant I could never do a water birth due to all the floaties. Everyone thought I was nuts… now I have back up! By the way, you look wonderful. 🙂

  2. You look beautiful! last night when Josh took my bare belly picture, Ella totally photo bombed…she was only wearing her squeaky shoes. haha.

    I love love love my midwifery practice. If they did home births I’d seriously consider having one this time around too. You never know, if it happens as fast as they are saying, I may have no choice! I hope that is not the case.

  3. A lot of women poo when they are in labor. Let’s think about poo + water birth. Now let’s never think about it again.

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