boy or girl?

Do little girls like carrots, too?

Miss Carrot?
Miss Carrot?

Yep, Leo’s going to have a little sister (the majority of you called it!)!  The ultrasound went really well and she measured right on track.  So much fun to see her and watch her shake around.

Dave was thinking it was maybe a boy.  And I had been thinking it was a boy (since my pregnancy has been so similar to Leo’s) but just this weekend I decided “I bet because I think it’s a boy it’s a girl.  I think she’s playing tricks.”  Tricky little girl!

As with Leo we’re keeping her name to ourselves until she is born.  Right now we think we know her name, but we’ll see how it feels calling her that over the next few months.

So excited!


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  1. Can I just say that en route to WI I called it a girl? Just sayin! I am so excited for you. You and Dave are such great parents, and this little gal is very lucky.

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