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I don’t really have much to say and I almost didn’t post at all, but lucky you, you get me!  Here’s what’s been happening lately:

We had this macaroni and cheese for dinner last night.  I swapped out the spinach for broccoli.  It is so killer good.  This skillet veggie lasagna is also on tap for the week, as well as some corn on the cob.  What have you been eating lately?

Leo has started saying two words together.  He added “big rock” to his repertoire today.  He says “more trains” the most and says it so often that sometimes it could just about drive you crazy.  FYI he’ll keep repeating “more trains more trains” until you acknowledge it.  Still, it’s so fun to hear him talk more.  He has tons of words and floors me daily with how much he understands.  Watching him grow and learn is straight up amazing.

Baby Whatsit’s room is slowly coming together.  Fact is, the room will remain partially undone until we shift Leo into a big bed and then move the crib over.  So I don’t really anticipate it being done done for quite a while, since we want to wait to move Leo until he’s at least 2 (but probably a little after).  While Leo’s room is blue and gray and white – colors that can easily shift and grow up with him – this room will be more colorful, a little more random, but hopefully still just as able to grow and change with the little boy or girl who sleeps there.

Speaking of Baby Whatsit, our gender ultrasound is Monday!!!  We will pass on the news here, too, once we’ve had a change to let our families know.

I wen to the dentist yesterday and, thankfully, came out cavity free.  I have a bit of phobia about the dentist ever since my two cavities post-Leo, but I do think the calcium/magnesium supplement I take helps me out.

I can’t end a post without pictures, so here’s two Dave got the other day of Leo in the midst of his favorite activity: finding rocks and throwing them:

IMG_20130611_082602 (1)



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    1. We’ve told Leo there’s going to be a baby but I don’t think he really gets it. Maybe when my belly is bigger it’ll make more sense or he’ll care? He doesn’t even notice right now.

      On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 8:20 AM, GirlEvolving

  1. I am sure you already do a good job of this, but make sure you take tons of photos, video, and document the adorable things that Leo says. You (and he) will find it funny to look back years later at his development.

    Love that photo of Leo bending over with his arms up. It’s wonderful!

    I’m predicting BOY, Kim. Just a gut feeling since you are such a great boy mama to Leo already, and I can envision Leo being a fun and playful older brother who likes to wrestle.

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